Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh My Stars!

Are you ready to make some Ghastlie stars? (Of course, you don't have to use the Ghastlies fabric for this quilt--you can use any focus fabric in place of the Ghastlies, but I think the Irish chain with star center block as an alternate block is a nice way to tie any focus blocks together.)

First, you'll need to do a little cutting. The number in parenthesis is the number of pieces to cut to make the full 12 star blocks I used in the Ghastlies quilt, but if you're making a smaller version, use the first number and multiply by however many blocks you need.

1 (12) 3-1/2" pink square for star center
8 (96) 2" pink squares for star points
12 (144) 2" white squares for chain
4 (48) 2" by 3-1/2" green strips
4 (48) 2" by 6-1/2" green strips
4 (48) 2" by 9-1/2" green strips

For each block, you'll need to make four flying geese blocks using the 2" pink squares and the 2" x 3-1/2" green strips. For instructions on making flying geese, click HERE.

I'll give you the piecing directions for one block--please feel free to chain piece for as many blocks as you're making, of course! Refer to the photo of the block for placement of colors and pieces.

Starting with the 3-1/2" pink center square, add flying geese pieces to two opposite sides. Press seams toward the center pink square. To the two remaining flying geese, sew a 2" white square on each end and press seams toward the white square. Sew the second set of geese to the star center. Press seams toward the center. This completes the star part of the block. Do a visual doublecheck to make sure the geese are sewn on correctly to form star points--every now and then I find myself starting to sew geese upside down!

To two opposite sides of the resulting star block, sew a 2" by 6-1/2" strip. Press seams toward the center. To the two remaining 6-1/2" strips, add a 2" white square to each end. Press seams to the white squares. Sew the second set of strips to the star center. Press seams toward the center.

Repeat as above with the last set of strips and white squares.

There you go! The alternating star blocks are done!

Alternate Ghastlies blocks with star/chain blocks and sew the center together. For the large quilt like the one I made, start with Ghastlies on each end of the top row and in the center (that makes three Ghastlies) and use two star/chain blocks between them. Reverse that order for the next row using three star/chain blocks. Keep reversing back and forth until all the blocks are used. I found it very helpful to use a design wall so I could decide where to place each different Ghastlie block. As you sew the blocks together, press the seam allowances toward the Ghastlie blocks.

Once you get the center together, all that remains is the borders and corner blocks. I'll give those directions soon. Nice job!


debbie said...

Thanks! You do give precise instructions! I need that, with my wandering little mind. I love the way that your quilt came together.
I'm still working on the baby quilt using your Ghastlies as a template. I'll have to piece a few of these blocks today to see if it's going to look right. Of course I'll have to change some math. My blocks are smaller.

Denise in PA said...

Kim - I just received my Ghastlies fabric order today. I am so excited to start this quilt! Thank you so much for the tutorials! I can't wait to have my very own Ghastlies on my bed this Halloween!

Audi S4 Turbo said...

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