Thursday, August 4, 2011

Late Night Lament

My boss's last day before a three-month leave of absence was supposed to be last Friday, but it seems she JUST WON'T LEAVE! I've been teasing her that she's not going to stop trying to do more and more until the plane's boarding next week. I believe that just about everything she's tried to get finished up has led to more tasks.

In the meantime, I've started filling in for another secretary who is out all month, and so far, for that attorney, I've only had time to concentrate on getting the priority stuff and the quick, small stuff done, but I'm sure things will calm down soon.

Tonight, though, I stayed at work with my soon-to-leave boss until after 10 p.m., trying to get a few big projects done. When I left, she was still there. SHE plans to take work home, work all night, and then come in and work all day tomorrow. She thinks that will be it, and then she'll be gone. I don't know, but I think working like that, she's going to kill herself before she leaves. But, of course, if she DOESN'T leave real soon, I just might do that job for her!

It's not quite been all work and no play today though. I managed an hour away to take Soccer Son to lunch. I was secretly rather pleased that he was walking rather cautiously and showing signs of being stiff and sore because I knew that meant he'd be less likely to be more active than he's supposed to be. Our bodies often tell us what to do if we just listen to them, right?

It's nearly midnight, I've had a bite to eat and a chat with Hubby, and now it's time to take a bath and jump in bed, because I have a feeling I'll be facing more of the same tomorrow. And if I listen very carefully, I can hear my body saying, "Turn off the darn computer and get yourself to bed, you idiot!" Except with more swear words, because I sometimes channel Richard Pryor. Goodnight.


Cheryl said...

LOL!!! Think I'm channeling him too.....nite :-)! Hope your day isn't as long tomorrow.

Heckety said...

Its tough when you are tied to a workaholic, as that renders you one too! even if you'd rather slow down a bit!!
I hope it really does all calm down soon, and she gets out of your hair...I mean the office...

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Oh, youth, you can burn both ends of the candle - hang in there as it seems you are just about reaching the middle of the candle. Wishing you lots of your lattes today, or what ever your are filling your tanks with - leaded for sure.