Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Evening With the Q-Balls

All six of our stitchery friends were able to get together today at Julie's house for our monthly gathering--it's been some months since all of us could make it, so it was quite a treat! Julie made a yummy pasta salad and we certainly didn't lack for food--between what people brought and what Julie and her daughter made, we ate all day long! Some gifties were exchanged too, but I haven't unpacked mine yet--maybe I'll get a photo or two of a few things tomorrow to share. I'm pretty sure I'll get a photo of the project I worked on because the stitchery part is completed; I just need to make it into a pillow. It's really cute; you'll like it! And the ironic thing? I bought the pattern from the Quilt House when they had a booth at a local quilt show some months back. This, of course, was before Hubby cheated on me and took someone else to the shop (see yesterday's post if you haven't already).

And, by the way . . . no, my birthday, our anniversary, and Mother's Day are recently past, so I'm certain he didn't stop to get me a gift. And I'm about 97 percent certain he didn't think ahead to Christmas. This is a man who has been known to tell me on my birthday that he just didn't have time to get a card. Like he didn't know it was coming for a whole year.

Anyway, beside the point. After a wonderful day of stitchery and friends, three of us continued on to the park to see the Q-Balls perform. This is the band that Ted, one of the attorneys I work with, plays in.

The photo above doesn't really even give you an inkling of the size of the crowd. It extended to left and right of the photo and behind me, and kept growing through the evening.

It was a hot day in Sacramento--probably in the upper 90s and close to 100 would be my guess. But by the time we arrived at the park around 6:30 p.m., it started cooling a bit and we had a nice shady spot.

Want to see the band a little better?

Throughout the evening, I took several photos, but quite a few were blurry, especially after it started to get dark. And no, the photographer hadn't been drinking anything stronger than a Starbuck's iced latte! But I just couldn't find a camera setting that would take an "action" photo in low light.

All of us had a great time, and the day as a whole was pretty near perfect. Wish you could have been here. And the weekend's only half over--yay!


Jean Burke said...

Sounds just perfect! In the picture, is that a cardboard cutout of the Dos Equis guy? Hilarious! Would love to see that band. Enjoy the second half - although it'll be tough to top the first half! Piece.....

Josie McRazie said...

Oh, Kim I love ya! You do not know the giggles I get every day reading your posts! THANK YOU!!! Not to mention the sound quilting advice!
Sounds like a great day was had by all and can't wait to see your goodies!!

Majid Ali said...
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Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Yes, indeed a good time was had by all.

Pam in Sacramento said...

My family was there, too, Kim! We were in that crowd off to your right. :-) Love those Q-Balls - they played a couple of great sets. And they have a lot of energy and fun. The park and the evening were beautiful. It cooled down to a perfect temp. I love California! I love Sacramento! I love my life!