Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer Son

As I mentioned before, one of the things I did on my birthday was to go watch Soccer Son's last regular season indoor soccer game. During the game, he scored a rather showy bicycle kick goal. Here's a photo I took of him not long after the game.

Soccer Son is an excellent soccer player. He coaches Sacramento's semi-pro adult men's team, and they're in first place in their league--the league championship games take place this weekend, and I suspect Hubby and I will go watch them play. Besides playing on this team and an outdoor soccer team, he coaches a boy's competitive team (under 10 age group, I think) and a girl's competitive team (under 11 age group, if I recall correctly). He's also in demand for private and group training sessions.

Soccer Son called me at work today. Remember I told you he'd found a vintage wrought iron chair for me for my birthday? I finally took a photo to show you:

Cool, eh? Well, when he called, he said he'd found a second one that he's pretty sure matches this one, so he'll refinish both of them for me.

The other thing he called about was to tell me he was thinking about getting a spa pedicure tomorrow and wondered whether I wanted to get one too. You might recall that for his 30th birthday in February, I took him to get his first pedicure, and apparently he liked it!

I wondered why, in particular, he wanted to get a pedicure now, and it turns out it's mainly because he wants his legs and feet massaged and pampered in preparation for the soccer tournament this weekend. Sure, that makes sense. But aside from that, I'm glad to have a chance to sit with him and talk for awhile while we get our pedicures. It's not often we have that kind of time to spend together without one of us having to run off and do something.

A few months back, Soccer Son had a bit of a health scare. Because he didn't have a job with medical benefits, he had no health coverage. The thought of having to pay medical expenses out of his pocket as well as the fact that he had just turned 30 finally gave him the incentive he needed to obtain private medical insurance. The health scare turned out to be nothing--simply a cyst, which is what he had suspected. But right around that time, he noticed that every now and then, his heart would beat irregularly, so he thought he'd have it checked out.

After several tests, he was diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia. He was told the condition could be controlled with medication, but the medication would limit his ability to participate in sports--as you can imagine, that just wasn't an option for him. So on Monday, he'll have a cardiac ablation which should cure the defect, and given his age and health, it's a reasonably safe alternative. This is one of those heart procedures that can be done by going up to the heart through a vein, so recovery should be pretty quick. In fact, the whole procedure is done on an outpatient basis, and Soccer Son should be back playing soccer again in about a week.

But, of course, it still worries me. I'm a mom--that's my job. So tomorrow I'll go have a pedicure with my son, and we'll enjoy spending time together. And I'll try not to worry too much.


Jean Burke said...

How nice to be spending time with him! Love the chairs he gave you. I'm sure his procedure will go smoothly - he's in better shape than 99% of the population! Good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Take care....piece.

Jen in NY said...

Have fun getting pedicures! Sounds like a very safe procedure, but of course a mom will worry. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way! Jen

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

What a guy! What a mom! - enjoy the pedicure and time with soccer son - a blessing in your life!

Lori in AZ said...

Have a sis who had that procedure done it's been great ever since and she was older than your son and not near in shape !! As mom tho we never stop worrying.
Enjoy tomorrow ;0

Laura K said...

I will be keeping Soccer Son in my prayers. I have an eight year old who has bilateral cholesteatoma and has had to have seven surgeries. Even though they should be old hat by now I am a wreck for the last week or so before every one of them. She will probably still need at least two more surgeries before she is fairly stable, but it could be something that has to be done periodically for her whole life. So I feel for you and I hope it goes smoothly and that he is up and playing soccer again very quickly!

Josie McRazie said...

Prayers for your son! I'm sure he will be just fine! I took my Honeyman to get his first Pedi in Jan (I am a HUGE pedi fan) just before we went to Mexico, but alas he said he could not see what was so wonderful about it! That could also be because he is very ticklish on his feet!!

Marla said...

My prayers are going for Mom and son right now because your kids are never too old to worry about.

Marilyn said...

Enjoy your time with your Son. Prayers going
up for him on his upcoming surgery.