Monday, June 13, 2011

A Little Bit About Saturday

On Saturday morning, five of our stitchery group met up for a little quilt shop excursion. Sandy planned to drive in her Honda SUV--Sandy and one passenger in the front and three of us in the back. First stop? Peets Coffee just around the corner.

Sitting in the back, waiting for Sandy, thinking about my gimpy shoulder and feeling a little like a sardine, I considered the next ten hours. When Sandy got back to the car, I announced my decision to take a second car, so back around the block we drove. A very slow start to the day's trip! But a good decision, all in all. Three of us went in the SUV and two of us followed in my Maxima.

Our first shop was Sew Many Quilts in Tracy. Sew Many Quilts has a wonderful selection of all kinds of fabrics, including some of the "happy fabrics" I was hoping for. The owners were super friendly and helpful, demonstrating for us a few new notions and helping us with directions to our next stop.

The second stop of the day was in Livermore, at In Between Stitches. I think if you read some of the quilt blogs of Bay Area quilters, you've probably heard of In Between Stitches. And yes, they had lots and lots of the kinds of fabrics I was looking for. When I left, I had a big bag full of lovely fabrics and patterns. Then the five of us gals walked down the street to have lunch on the front patio of the First Street Ale House--YUM!

One we piled back in our cars, we were off to Danville to visit Wooden Gate Quilts, and then we finished our shopping excursion at Thimblecreek in Concord. Again, both shops had exactly the kinds of things I was hoping to find, and the people at both shops were the best! Oddly, perhaps, there were still a few lines I didn't see at any of the four shops--like Sweetwater and Bonnie and Camille--but I found some perfect Riley Blake fabric at Thimblecreek, some Holiday Happy at Wooden Gate, and MoMo and Lecien at In Between Stitches. And so much more than those lines, really! Those are just a few that I haven't seen here in Sacramento.

I wish I had my own computer so I could take photos and show you what I found, but I'm sure I will eventually.

My shoulder feels a little bit better today and I'm able to use it a little more. I know some of you mentioned hauling around the king size quilt to quilt and then bind, but the mystery is that I hadn't been doing any sewing or quilting at all since Tuesday. My friend Lisa and I were talking on the phone today about how sad it is when you get so old and out of shape that you can injure yourself just SLEEPING!

Hubby and I are off on vacation in the morning. We'll bring his laptop with us, but I'm not sure if I'll post to my blog--we'll just have to see how things go. If you don't hear from me, just know I'm relaxing on the sand with a good book, enjoying life. "See" you later!


Donna said...

I can feel your shoulder pain! Hope it get better soon. Those sleeping injuries are annoying and I am speaking from experience. Happy quilting!

Yvonne said...

Have a wonderful vacation....take care of your shoulder!

Josie McRazie said...

Have a great vacation! Relax!! I got about half way through your post and was already salivating and wanting your computer back for pics as well!! hehe Sounds like it was a splendid day!

Bonny said...

Just a thought, you may need a new mattress. The same happened to us - and we got a new mattress and no more pain:)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Enjoy the sand and surf! So jealous that you found all kinds of "happy" fabrics during your shop hop.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Hey you - got your feet up and resting - I hope.
Your field trip sounded wonderful - missed being with you all. Take care of your shoulder - well, what else can I say, I know you are doing that - it is in your words a "bummer"! Thinking of you as I bind a queen size quilt on my lap right now - Tootles

Orcsmom said...

Hey, ya'll must have just missed me and Colleen on Saturday. We were doing the same exact thing, except we had a very late lunch at Claim Jumper after we left Thimblecreek at 3:50pm!! I love that store! I had bought a pattern by Joe Wood/owner of Thimblecreek, and I got the fabric for it Saturday there along with about 8 patterns! I do most of my shopping there, due to their selection. Sorry we miss ya! Have a great vacation!