Monday, June 27, 2011

Kinda Crabby

Hubby's birthday is coming up this week--for about three or four weeks, he'll be two years older than me, the old fart! I told him and our friend Terry that I was surprised the two of them didn't get fake IDs when they turned 50 so they could qualify sooner for the senior discount. Both of them are ALL about saving a buck. Since our vacation, I've had to listen several times to Hubby's story about how much food he got when he ordered a senior meal at one of the restaurants we ate at! I'm so glad that I'm still just a spring chicken.

Anyway, we went out with Terry and Lisa to celebrate today. We started by going to a matinee performance of a show called Defending the Caveman. Have you ever seen it? It's kind of like a two hour stand up comic routine about men and women, but there's a lot of truth behind the whole premise--which is kind of like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, except it's more like "men are the hunters, women are the gatherers." If you every have an opportunity, go see the show. See it with your spouse or significant other. Some of the issues in your relationship will suddenly make more sense, and it's cheaper than marriage counseling.

After the show, we went to Joe's Crab Shack. Hubby's choice. You'd think that after spending a week at the beach eating mostly seafood, the guy would be ready for something else, but no, apparently not.

Hubby and I both ordered crab--mine was three different kinds with corn and potatoes. Hubby had two types of crab, shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes.

Lord, I'm full!

We had a table looking out on the river and afterward, we walked down a to a spot overlooking the river where I took that first photo of the Tower Bridge and the photo below of a large party boat. Not ours, I might add. Maybe next year--if there's a senior discount on the rental.

But, anyway, I've been wondering: Can a person overdose from too much crab? Because if you don't hear from me ever again, that's probably what happened to me. ARGH!


Donna said...

One can never overdose on too much crab. Crab, I do believe, is my favorite food. Should you and hubby visit Panama City, FL be sure to put Bayou Joe's on your must eat at list. They have the best crab cakes ever.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Joe's is my favorite too, especially here in the desert where I'll never see anything close to "fresh" fish!

We have the same thing here where hubby qualifies and I don't. His favorite is getting a discount at Wendy's where he tells the kid he wants a "geezer discount". He almost has to explain what a geezer is, but they're kinda used to him now. OMG, that was something my GRANDFATHER would have done!

Pre-Happy Birthday wishes darlin'.

debbie said...

Too much crab, for me, is breathing the steam from it cooking, or a person talking to me after eating crab, or shrimp, or lobster, really anything with pinchers. I am that allergic, you know, like peanut kids. To top it off, I live in southern crab capitol of the world...right here on the Chesapeake Bay! I can't even go to my normal grocery store on the weekend because they have a seafood cart when you enter.
The weather is over all so pleasant here, I thought this is where MR and I would were, I'm, looking for someplace not so close to the coast. Maybe Wyoming, in beef grazing country,lol!
It does look like that was a huge meal! Glad you and hubby had a good time. In regards to the show, MR is an engineer and doesn't "pick up" on what's being hinted at. Maybe if it was extremely obvious he'd get it.

Miss Jean said...

Wow! I don't know how we never have heard of Joe's! I'll be taking hubs and the grandson's there for sure this summer.

sunny said...

No such thing as too much crab! Maryland blue crabs and Maryland crabcakes are the best.

Anonymous said...

I love Defending the Caveman. Took son and future dil to see it a few years ago. She and I laughed until our sides hurt. The guys didn't think it was THAT funny!