Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Sorry . . .

if I'm a bit boring while I'm without a computer. Please feel free to take a little vacation from my blog if you're at risk of being bored to death. It should only be a couple weeks before I get a replacement; after that, I guess I won't be able to blame your boredom on my lack of a piece of equipment, right?

I've been typing on Hubby's laptop when necessary, but I hate that thing! In the middle of an email, I'll find that the cursor has jumped somewhere unexpected and is inserting text where it doesn't belong. Seriously, I'm slow enough at typing on a laptop keyboard without having to also chase around a rogue cursor and correct its wayward ramblings.

And if you get multiple emails from me? Same thing. When I click on "send," the laptop will let me know it's "loading" but then nothing. It never tells me it sent the email. To find out, I have to open another mail page and check my sent folder. The other night, I wrote the post about my computer woes and told it to publish, but all it did was save the post in draft. Mouse clicking on "publish" does nothing. I have to click on it and then hit enter.

Well, at least I know now that I don't want a laptop. I was thinking about it for awhile.

On another subject, I wanted to thank Dawn, who left a couple comments on my post about our beach vacation. Dawn told me about beach wheel chairs and gave me a link to where we can get a beach wheel chair at Pismo Beach. I can't tell you how much that will change our vacation plans. I don't know what exactly the Pismo Beach wheel chairs look like, but I did an image search and generally most seem to look similar to this:

And now that I know we can get Hubby down onto the SAND, I've asked him to buy, borrow, or steal (shhh! Don't tell his big brother, the sheriff!) a beach umbrella, and I'm dreaming about kicking back and reading novels, drinking cocktails smuggled onto the beach, and taking naps under the umbrella.

Unfortunately, Dawn's "no-reply," so I can't write back to her, but I think this idea is great for other readers of my blog, so I'm happy to thank her publicly and share her find. I understand they have these available at many beach vacation spots.

I'm writing to you from work--where I have a computer that does what I tell it to do--and it's time to head home, so I'll set this to post a bit later. Thanks for checking in on me.


~Kristie said...

Hey Kim - While waiting for your 'new' PC, try connecting the USB keyboard and mouse from your old computer to your husband's laptop. My DH does this all the time (adding an extra, bigger monitor, too) and it essentially turns the laptop into a desktop. MUCH easier to maneuver!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about the "learning curve" with typing on a laptop...I thought I'd never get used to it. But after being forced to use it or nothing...I've adapted. LOL
How wonderful to see a wheelchair for the beach!! Who'd have thought it?! Sounds like you are both in for a wonderful time.

Josie McRazie said...

Kim, I get the feeling you may have been accused of a thing or two, but for some reason I cannot see it being boring!! You crack me up and even my Honeyman sits down when he is home and reads through your blog (well not the quilty stuff)!! I agree with PC vs. laptop! I never did get used to that little fake mouse controler thingy!! Hope they get your new computer up and running!!

Kris said...

Not bored here. Hope you get your computer back soon. Oh. And laptops can begin to grow on you. I love mine!

Synthia said...

I've seen people use these chairs on the beach in Hawaii and they seemed to work great. Folks were having a great time!!!! Hope you two do also.

DAWN said...

You're welcome :) I'm glad that I was able to make your vacation more enjoyable!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

Kim, we have two laptops but have keyboards and wireless 'mice' to operate them. I can use it without the additions but I prefer a regular keyboard and mouse. Like Kristie says, it converts it to a desktop feel.

Marge said...

Kim I am never bored with your blog. I do enjoy visiting with you every day but seldom leave comments. I don't think I have anything worth while to say. Keep up the good words that help me enjoy my lunch time tea.

Hand Quilting Nana said...

I hate that you have a problem with the laptop but also I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

All along I thought it was just me that sent emails before they were finished and had pages just disappear because i moved my hand a little the wrong way. Or my screen shrinks so small i can't read it and now the icon to make it larger is gone.

Not a fan of laptops.


intrin said...

there are tons of great choices,but while there are numerous beach wheelchairs out there, make sure to do strenuous research, because theBeach Wheelchair that you choose, will be a great life-changer, and give you lots of freedom over being pushed around. make sure to choose wisely because its your happiness that matters. while you only move at one speed..full throttle, its your speed!