Friday, May 13, 2011

Typical Friday the 13th!

For those of you who missed me--or more importantly, those of you who were checking back earlier today to see who won the pincushion kit--Blogger was down from mid-day on May 12th to mid-day on May 13th. No posts, no comments, no nothing except reading old posts. In fact, they even removed all of the Blogger postings from May 12th, although I understand they will be restored.

So, I'll pick a winner tonight and post it for Saturday. Unless Blogger doesn't cooperate.

Sorry to worry those of you who feared I was sick or dead. The rumors are unfounded--so far. It's still Friday the 13th though.


Gwen said...

Strangely it didn't seem to bother all the Bloger blogs I read! Weird!

Quilt Hollow said...

After I was having so much problem today with my own I figured you must have as well...see you here later.

quilter000 said...

I can wait! just will be happy to win the pincushion Haha I am dreaming you know. Thanks again Quilter000