Monday, May 23, 2011


I've been plodding away at quilting the Thimbleberries applique basket quilt this weekend and all I can say is that progress seems awfully slow. Then again, when I think of all the time it took to do the applique, a week or so of quilting is nothing, right? Right!

I was also thinking that next weekend would be a good time to change the decorations in my home from "spring/Easter" to "summer," so it would be most excellent if I could get the quilt finished and on my bed next weekend, wouldn't it?! Something to aim for anyway.

I picked a winner of the Fireworks! pattern--it's "Sheddy" who wrote:

"Good to see you are still here. I'd miss you with my morning cuppa coffee. I could use a little fireworks in my life."

So how's that for fireworks? Just email your address to me and I'll get it out in the mail.

Someone asked whether there are Y-seams involved in the pattern. Absolutely not! (Shudder!) I said it was simple, right? If you can make half square triangles, you can make the Fireworks! quilt. And, along those lines, I decided that for those of you whose names weren't drawn this time, I'd give you an opportunity to purchase the pattern--and anything else in my Etsy shop--at a discount of 20% off. Just enter the word Fireworks as the coupon code and it should adjust the price--I've never tried the coupon codes before, so I hope it works! You can click over to my Etsy shop from my sidebar--either from the watermelon tablerunner or the link in the item below that.

As always, thanks for stopping in to visit me. Happy quilting!


dianne said...

for any of you who may be naysayers - she speaks the truth - it really DOESN'T have Y-seams and it was FUN to make!!! just keep in mind that the pieced border is gonna take about the same amount of time to piece as the center and you'll be good to go...

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Congratulations to your winner! I thought the comment sounded familiar... it was right before mine! Darn! One more number and I could have been a winner. LOL!