Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Last Day

Friday was the last day of my vacation--if you don't count the weekend. I can't really put my finger on it, but for some reason, this vacation hasn't been quite as satisfying as most. My best guess is that the emphasis I put on relaxing and getting the "guest" bathroom redone made it a little boring maybe. So Friday I decided to try to fit several things into the day, and I made sure they involved getting out of the house for awhile.

The first thing on my list, before going out to play, was to finish painting the last section of the bathroom--the faux beadboard paneling needed a fresh coat of cream colored paint. And guess who helped me with that?

Somehow, he's gained a couple of new white spots!

After my chores were done, I headed out to JoAnn's to look for a couple things on my want list--like a new rotary cutter. And, of course, a trip to a quilt shop was most definitely on my list of vacation pastimes, as was visiting the Goodwill store that's next door to the quilt shop. After that? Home Goods. At some point, I'm sure I'll show you some of the odds and ends I purchased here and there, but I haven't taken any photos yet. I'll tell you, though, that I think the two finds I'm most excited about came from Goodwill: A tallish (50"), narrow (14"), wooden bookshelf and a cream-colored chenille bedspread (that I'll probably cut up and dye to use in projects). The grocery store and a quick stop at Chipotle for take out burritos for dinner rounded out the excusion.

Although Friday was the monthly Friday Nite Sew-In, I didn't "officially" participate this month, although I sure wasn't about to let my last vacation evening go by without doing some sewing. In fact, I worked a bit more on the mini I'm making.

I thought I was done with it--I'd added a blue and white checked border--but I think I must have been trying to rush it through because once I took a photo, I could see right away that it wasn't what I wanted. Tomorrow I'll "reverse sew" those borders and add a little bit of the background cream fabric all around. After that, probably a narrow border, maybe in the brown, and then something to finish it off. So it's getting close, but I'm not quite as "done" as I thought I was. It's funny how taking a photo can help us see things a little more objectively, isn't it?


Lady of the Cloth said...

What a cute little quilt. Yup, taking pics sure does give a better perspective. I once made a huge (108") quilt and after the picture, I noticed a huge mistake in the middle of it. Mind you that was after the quilting and binding was done. At least you are taking pics earlier in the game. Have a great weekend

Wendy said...

I LOVE IT! I hate to see you change it. Maybe add a red flower in each corner. I really love the checks and the pinwheels. You are amazing and filled with creativity! I love reading your blog! :-)

Julie said...

Don't forget there is a limit to how big it can be!

Very cute!

Quilting Kim said...

I have to agree with Wendy - I love the blue check border and pinwheels. The appliqued flower in the corners also sounds like a good idea. But, if it doesn't make YOU happy, by all means, change it.

Katie said...

You did very well. I can never find anything worth buying at our HomeGoods. :-)