Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I was wishing tonight that someone would come along and just slap me and tell me to quit messing around and get back to sewing. For some reason, I just haven't felt very motivated lately. In fact, since around the time I redecorated the bathroom and cleaned up the Sweat Shop a couple of weeks ago, I've been loath (a good word that's not used nearly often enough!) to go in there and do anything that would mess up the space again. Really, though, I'm not sure if it's really an underlying concern about messing up the Sweat Shop or simply a lack of motivation.

Oh, sure, I've BEEN in there. I've SAT in there and looked around. I've even sat in there and flipped through magazines. But I haven't done anything at all creative really. Just sat. And looked. And thought. And then I've left, shutting the door behind me.

On Sunday, I zipped up a few seams to make a backing for the Thimbleberries basket applique quilt and took that monster out on the patio to pin it for quilting. I thought maybe the quilting drought was over then, but no. I soon found out--when I had absolutely ZERO inclination to set up the Juki I use for quilting--that I was no closer to actually DOING anything than I had been before.

Do you ever feel like that? The nearest way I can describe it is quilter's block mixed with a little bit of boredom.

So tonight, when no one came along and slapped me, I decided to just sit myself down and give myself a good talking to. And I made a little bargain with myself. "Self," I said, "Just pin the mini quilt, and then you can go do something else with the knowledge you accomplished a little something tonight." So I did--I pinned the mini quilt. And because that only took about 20 minutes, I got the Juki out and cleaned it and set it up for quilting. And then, without really thinking too much about it, I actually STARTED quilting!

Imagine that!

Well, I'm not done, by any means, but at least I've made a start. And I think that making a START is at least half the battle, don't you? Because once I've started, then it really isn't that far until I finish--whatever it is, however long it will take, I know it really isn't that far until I finish.

And then I just need to remember to start again, because sitting, looking, and thinking just isn't enough.


JoAnne said...

Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes needs a kick in the behind. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who gives myself a good talking to, but I usually tell myself "JoAnne, that gecko in the trashcan is NOT going to run out and up your arm when you wheel it to the street!" But, I never listen and yesterday I paid a neighbor kid a dollar to push it out for me. I've decided that what I lack in courage, I can make for with cash! But back to quilting... I've also noticed lately that I seem to have quilter's ADD--attention deficit disorder, because I start playing away and then I need to take a break to check email, or facebook, or whatever. I used to be the type who couldn't get to sleep at night when I was working on something. I wish I could get that excitement back. But, I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

Wilma NC said...

I have 2 table runners that need quilting on the Bernina. I need a little push too, lol.

Megan said...

I feel that way sometimes, too, especially when I'm burnt out taking care of stuff around the house or spending time with friends. All I seem to have the energy to do is zone out in front of the computer. I'm usually looking at quilt-related stuff and being inspired, but not inspired enough to get off my butt and go sew. Glad to hear you're easing back into the swing of things!

Natalia said...

muy bonito todo, felicidades

debbie said...

I did that a LOT for about a year, didn't accomplish much of anything. Seems my lack of inspiration was caused by stress (issues with an aging mom and siblings) and depression. I don't have a really upbeat friend like I had when I lived in FL, no one to slap me...or pull me up by my boot straps and give me a swift kick in the right direction. I decided last month that sewing something, anything, was just what I needed. I wanted to play with fabric and color. So far I've made a baby quilt and cut out a twin size for my great nephew. It's not really my type of quilt because I only put 5 fabrics in the top, actually from one line of fabric. I usually do scrapy. I think it's working though.
Hope you get back in the swing of things too! Your little basket quilt is so cute. I am often inspired by your projects, and really enjoy when you share the process of how you make them your own, instead of just following a pattern. Blessings :o)
Hmmm, my wordy is mallita...a sign I should go shopping?

Shannon said...

I get that way from time to time. I just have to force myself to get back over to the sewing machine.When I am over there I love it so I don't know why it takes me so long to just do it, LOL! Your little quilt is so cute!

Brandie said...

A lot of the "quilter's block" is going around. Maybe it's the weather? Maybe we need new fabric?

The mini quilt is too cute and just think, it really won't take too long to quilt it.

Sharon said...

I'm in that same slump right now and have been for a few weeks. I get to wondering why I do all this when there is no one to really give or who wants, the majority of these quilts to. I think, because I'm obsessed with sewing quilts, that I should make charity quilts only. Then I think, but I've spent hundreds upon hundreds for these special patterns and fabrics and it would be crazy to never make the quilts but the thought of giving these quilts to strangers who would probably not apreciate all that went into them, scares me to death. All this will pass, it always has, and I'll get back to working like a crazed fool to turn out quilts like there will be no tomorrow.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Sounds like you're starting to get your sewing mojo back again! Sometimes I get that blocked/bored feeling, too, and just need to take a little break. Sometimes I check out what other people are stitching and quilting at and it gets me inspired to start sewing!

Marla said...

I feel like that a lot. The sad part is that I just got in a good sewing mode last week and then yesterday morning woke up to water damage in the lower level of my home from all the excessive rains we are getting here in the midwest. Needless to say, my sewing and quilting room is downstairs so can't go in there and no desire to do so either. I am depressed, can you tell?

DangAndBlast! said...

Wow, I had no idea about the size of this when you posted it before... that's tiny tiny piecing! Very impressed.

(Since my next stage for 2 quilts involves 1) buying backing or 2) crawling around on the floor and pinning, I'm in quilter's block at the moment too... so I'm reading old posts in my feed reader!)