Monday, April 25, 2011

Change of Plans

Sometimes bloggers are accused of only writing about happy stuff. The criticism there is that we bloggers create a rosy, happy picture of life that's unrealistic. And that's pretty much true, in a lot of ways. Consider, though, that blogging about the less happy stuff is kind of difficult. For one thing, who wants to read a bunch of bad or sad news? And more importantly--at least from the blogger's point of view--it's kind of hard to write about the less happy things in life without whining or ranting.

Anyway, it occurred to me that in the interests of "keeping it real," I'd tell you about our Easter. Remember that big Easter dinner I had planned to cook with all my family here? That was on Thursday, I think. On Friday, Soccer Son called me at work to tell me he had forgotten he and his Lovely-Wife-to-be-Someday were supposed to go to her parents' house for dinner. He suggested I have an Easter brunch. Or lunch. (Remember, at this point I had already shopped for and planned DINNER.)

On Friday night, Hubby told me the Wild Child was planning to go to Chico to spend time with her boyfriend over the weekend. He thought she might still be home Easter morning, though, and then leave around noon, so maybe lunch or brunch was a good idea after all. When I asked her, I found that yes, that was what she was thinking, except she wanted to leave for Chico right after work on Saturday night, which would mean completely missing Easter with us.

At that point, I cancelled Easter altogether. If my family didn't want to spend time together, I didn't want to spend a lot of time cooking when I could be sewing, reading, or just plain sleeping in.

Over the course of Saturday, Soccer Son petitioned feverishly for some kind of Easter get together. He's a very traditional kid when all's said and done. He came by our house before his football game and told me how much he wanted to spend time with us on Easter. He even offered to help with the cooking. I told him I'd think about it. He pressed again later in the evening at the BYOE party.

As it turned out, I made Easter lunch. It wasn't what I had originally planned. In fact, I served a salad, ham and cheese sandwiches on ciabatta rolls, and spicy Mexican corn. Low key and not too work intensive. But it was a nice time to visit with my family--minus the Wild Child--and that's really what's important.

So, as you can see, life in our household isn't perfect--far from it. But it's not bad. And really, it's much like everyone else's. I hope you had a happy Easter too, with or without the drama!


Appalachian Quilts said...

I didn't fix an Easter dinner for the kids this year. Didn't think my dining room would be free of construction debris. Army Son petitioned until he and his GF came over for a cookout on Sat. We are appreciated. Just hard for them to work around all those schedules. :)

Kim said...

With four married children with families it is hard to schedule family get togethers, so we almost always have some drama! Yesterday was good drama as my son surprised me by showing up with his family at church. He had been scheduled to work, but that changed at the last minute. That meant ALL of my kids, their spouses, and grandchildren were here--a rare happening! Thanks for keeping it real!

Quilter Kim said...

What would a holiday be if we didn't have drama? Ours was similar in the we had "Easter dinner" at our house for my husband's family on Saturday night. (So we could spend Sunday with my family). The 2 family members we asked to bring dessert did not show up and both must have traveled to Africa or something because neither called to tell us they weren't coming. So guess what, NO DESSERT! Not that anyone actually needed it but what happened to common courtesy of calling? Oh well, we still had a good meal but I am sure glad it is over with. Had a wonderful day on Sunday with my family and my dear grandchildren.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I'm happy to hear you did have a gathering even if you were minus one person. Low key is good sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I had the most relaxing Easter I have had in years. Working around everyone's schedule meant only one out of three children could be home for Easter. It was low key and we all had a good time. I don't expect anyone to reveal their personal and private problems and disappointments. That is not the reason I visit your blog. I visit to see and learn from your creativity. I think you have a good balance between creativity and your personal life.

Lauretta6 said...

You and I are in the same club. We do most of our stuff on saturday. Dye eggs etc. I never know who will show and who will help. Some years 28 people leave and the house it trashed. This year everyone picked up and just left me the dishes. GOOD wild child called and said that she and her boyfriend had talked and desided that they should do more to help me with these get togethers. Prase GOD! I thought knowone noticed.

Marla said...

Sister, you are not alone! In my opinion, Kids plus Holidays =Drama. I have a feeling as they get older and get married, it will only get worse. You did a good thing by doing it at lunch instead.

dianne said...

i vote for sewing, reading, and sleeping in!

i became weary of the drama looooong ago, and gave up ... i stopped inviting them, they stopped petitioning me - and now none of us has to think up a good excuse or believable lie - and when they finally figure it all out, it will be too much, too little, too late

but we'll always have paris ... no, wait! we won't have paris, either!

Brandie said...

If you have a daughter, you will always have drama! Last week her my darling daughter turned 21. She had planned a whole week of debauchery and could only meet us for lunch on Sunday. I had to pick up my son and MIL and we were 5 minutes late to meet her. She didn't talk to me at all that day and then sent me a nasty text about making her wait for her own party. Girls! They are SO emotional!
For Easter Sunday, we were low key. Just the boy and so steaks. As the kids get older, I've stopped trying to plan around them. Just take them if I can get them.
I've heard things get better as the girls mature. I'm hoping. I also hope that marriage doesn't change my sweet natured boy. But hope maybe it changes the girl!