Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Da Vendors

Of course, one of the best things about a quilt show is the vendors. I don't usually take much time to check out the local quilt shops that rent booths--the ones whose shops I go into fairly often--but I really love seeing the vendors who don't have brick-and-mortar shops and who carry more unusual goods that aren't available in most quilt shops.

In past years, I've searched out the vendors who sell hand dyed cottons and those who sell wool and wool goods. We don't seem to have as many vendors selling hand dyeds, and that's probably just as well because I haven't been doing as much arty applique in recent years. But the wool folks . . . well, I just LOVE them. You'd think I'd have plenty of wool with all the thrift store collecting I do, but I don't have many lighter shades, and greens are always needed because foliage comes in so many different shades. This time I found two wool vendors and bought several pieces to add to my collection--these are lovely spring time colors.

You can see I also found a few half yard cuts of cotton prints--I think the coffee cup print would make a fun purse or tote, don't you?

Are you familiar with Reets Rags to Stitches? You can click on their name to visit their website. I purchased a few of my wool pieces from their booth as well as the two wool patterns on either side in the photo below. The center pattern is from This and That for a tiny little purse made from charm packs. Wouldn't it be fun if Sherri and Sinta pick that pattern for a Le Petite project this year? But even if they don't, I think it would be fun to make. I'm not exactly AFRAID of zippers, but I need more practice, so this would be a good one to practice on.

The rooster with the cart on the left is printed onto fabric--the vendor I purchased it from got it from Olde America Antiques. I've ordered from Olde America Antiques before and I love their stuff. In fact, I've just remembered that I have some rabbit prints I should make into something for Easter. You can click on their name to go to their website--really great stuff! The rooster print has instructions to make it into a pillow, but I don't think I will. I'm not sure what I want to do with it, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

The kit on the right also makes a pillow (or wallhanging)--an embroidered pine garland with gingerbread men, hearts, and tiny gingerbread cookie cutter buttons. Really cute! The vendor who was selling the kit said they were out of the buttons but would be getting more in--I'd like to make a few of these pillows for friends, so I think I'll call them to order.

I'm a sucker for old books and cookbooks, so I couldn't pass up this reproduction-style pie cookbook. I want to try out a few of the recipes when I get a chance. The Folsom Historical Society had the vendor booth where I found this pie book.

I've saved the best for last. I love bunnies and I have a very small (so far) collection of little rabbits. I first bought a small black glazed ceramic rabbit at a McMenamin's hotel/pub facility on a trip to Oregon with Hubby several years ago, and then I found another carved rabbit button at a quilt show the year before last. At THIS show, I found the third little rabbit to add to my collection--

It's carved from boxwood and it's pretty small. In fact, the blue and white stripes of the cloth he's sitting on are 1/2" wide.

I guess you can tell that I don't usually buy just regular quilt fabric at quilt shows, although I will sometimes buy small kits or precut fat quarters or half yards. What do you usually look for when you visit the vendor booths at a show?


Suzan said...

I usually go to a quilt show on the last day. After I check out the quilts I head over to the vendor area. I poke around looking at new ideas, "stuff" and fabrics that I have not seen. About 3:30, I mosey over to the booth where a wonderful woman has 1/2 yard cuts of beautiful fabric and she always puts everything on sale at half off on Sunday afternoon. Mama didn't raise a fool!

Fiesta said...

I go to the vendors first since there is no quilt shop in my town. You did good. Thank you for posting the links.

Anonymous said...

I've only gone to a couple local quilt shows. When I do go, after looking at the quilts, I go to the vendors to look for bargains or ideas.

Marie said...

Ideas, ideas, ideas. I always try to walk away without buying anything - but it hasn't worked yet.

Hugs - Marie

Kim said...

I always look for fabric and patterns I haven't seen locally, and that I've seen on blogs. And of course all the new ideas I can get!

Cindy said...

I usually look at patterns and fabric. It's nice to see patterns from different areas and fabric, well you never know what you'll find!

Love that little rabbit! I have a small collection of foxes and it's always nice to find something special and unique!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love the repro cook book! And the bunny is adorable!

Gwen said...

I check out the quilts and then the vendors at local shows. I look for out of town vendors first. I'm always interested to know what is selling in other areas. I come home with a unique assortment of things. My collections for the Houston show was weird! I would love to know where the pine garland kit was from. I checked out the Dress It Up site and the buttons there are amazing!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You did really good with your shoppping. I check out everything. I like new gadgets. That's my hook. And of course fabric.

Betty Lou said...

Always looking for something different,so disappointing when each vendor's booth looks the same.