Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Have you seen the latest Block-a-Palooza/Waiting for Spring block design? If you haven't, you can check it out HERE. What do you think? I'm much happier with this one! I've decided that it's at least partly ME and my tastes--I think I'm just pretty traditional when it comes to blocks and quilts, because this one that appeals to me is a very traditional block pattern. I think I might do what some of you mentioned--make the blocks that appeal to me and substitute something else or skip the ones that don't. My only worry is that if there's some overall design for this quilt that isn't yet apparent, I'm going to be out of luck. Oh, well, it won't be the first time!

Here's a thought, though, for some of you. The plan is to make 16 blocks, and the designers have some kind of setting idea up their sleeves, I think--I saw that Quilt Dad had mentioned in answer to someone's question that they won't be using standard sashing between the blocks and I see that the last "design" is the block layout. But if you end up with only 12 of the 16 blocks and you want to set yours differently from whatever the designers come up with, you might consider the setting of the blocks in the quilt I'm quilting now. Remember this one?

The spring colors are somewhat similar and the blocks are the same size as the Block-a-Palozza blocks. It just uses setting triangles and sashing between the three columns. And then borders, of course. Since I already HAVE a quilt set this way, I won't use it for the Block-a-Palooza/Waiting for Spring quilt, but it's an option you might want to keep in mind as the quilt develops.

When I showed the quilting on this one so far, Bonnie commented that it looked like I didn't even mark the quilt. Well, that's partly right, but I DO mark straight line designs; the free-flow, free motion designs are either unmarked or only marked minimally. I thought I'd show you--

See where the white pencil markings show? But the quilting in the pink triangles is just free motion fill in, so there's no marking. I really, really HATE taking the time to mark a quilt, so if I can get away with not marking it, I do.

I don't know if you can tell, but the block I just showed you--which is where I've gotten so far--is the block that's second to the bottom in the right hand column in the first photo--after this one, I only have one more block to quilt and then I'll add quilted feathers to setting triangles in that column. Then I'll start on the borders. So I'm getting closer to done, although I know it will take a few more days (or nights) of quilting still.

It's time for bed now, so I'll say goodnight. Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


Mamacessories said...

You're right the new block from Block-a-palooza is more along what I was hoping for! The rest have been nice, just different then my tastes! Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL - the points on your triangles are amazing! The first picture makes the quilt look like a print - it is that perfect!

Quilt Hollow said...

Beautiful Quilt Kim!

Anonymous said...

You really do work wonders with that Juki of yours! I was inspired by seeing your quilting and got the one I have but haven't used it once since you explained to me how to thread it! LOL I'm actually signed up for a beginning quilting class at the end of the month, took me long enough!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I want that quilt.

secondofwett said...

THAT is a beautiful your colours!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

What a treat to see your progression.
Thank you! Beauty, eh!

Julie said...

I just looked at the first block. No offense meant to Quiltdad, but I would have made my geese run in a circle. His square looks odd as it is. I am really understanding what you were saying on the first day now that I have looked at the block. I was thinking of doing the blocks, but haven't yet gotten any fabric to use. I will wait and see for a bit more before I decide to do this one.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for responding to my comments and showing a close up of your quilt. Your work is beautiful and I enjoy reading your daily posts.