Monday, February 21, 2011

And Off You Go . . .

I have a couple places I want to send you to, but first I wanted to show you how the Schnibbles Sweet Spot quilt is coming along. It's actually complete as far as the pattern goes--

. . . but I want to make mine a little larger. I'm considering a couple different options right now and I'll show you whatever I decide. I think this will look terrific on the kitchen table this summer! I used (mostly) the American Jane line, Punctuation.

My blog friend Robin is a teacher and has a funny post about parents and kids. Quite a few of my quilting friends here in Sacramento are either teachers or aides, so I know they'll completely identify with Robin's post. You can read it HERE. If you're a teacher, work in a school, are retired from teaching, or work with kids in daycare, will you consider sharing one of your favorite stories in a comment here? I love reading about what kids get up to!

Another blog friend north of the border, Cara, recently experienced an epiphany concerning women's shelters and what she could do to help. She has issued a challenge to her readers that you can read about HERE. As if helping those in need isn't reward enough, Cara has rounded up a whole bunch of people who have donated prizes to reward Cara's readers for joining her in doing good things for others. Check it out.


Nannie said...

Love that quilt! You probably already have an idea of what you'd like to do. I think an appliqued vine border would be cute and summery. Then you could scatter some appliques in the center or do some vine-y type quilting...

CaraQuilts said...

Thanks so much Kim!!
And I love the quilt. You always make patterns your own!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Absolutely love your quilt! Great fabric.

Nicole said...

I love that Schnibbles pattern! That will be the one I make next, for sure.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

That quilt top is super! The black and gray flying geese and cornerstones just make it pop!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite kid stories...
I homeschool my children and my daughter has always loved history. She has all these history CDs of Ancient History and Mythology. Even when she was 8 her knowledge of Ancient History was better than mine, but one day she asks me, "Who was that guy in history that was a vampire?.
Me: "Umm...Count Dracula?"
Sophie: "No! That other one!"
Me: "Umm...Could you tell me anything more about him?"
Sophie: "You know, the one who was gaining so many followers the king was afraid he'd become too powerful so he had him killed."
Me (in disbelief): "Jesus?"
Sophie: "Yes, him! Thanks."
Me (very concerned over the state of my homeschooling abilities: "Jesus was a vampire??"
Sophie (complete with my mom is an idiot eye roll): "Yes!"
Me: "Why would you think that?"
Sophie: "You know, they buried him but he arose from the dead on the third day."