Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Holidays Are Killing Me!

Sorry I didn't post last night. By the time I decided to stop decorating for the night, I was exhausted, I could barely move, and my computer decided to slow down. I really couldn't blame it since it was around 2:30 a.m. and I was pretty darn slow too!

The decorating is proceeding. I have to tell you that it's going a little slower than I would have liked. The other day, before the actual decorating began, I had been to WalMart and bought a large glass jar, thinking I would use it to make a little snow scene--I'll have to show you later. When Hubby saw it, asked what it was for, and I explained, he couldn't believe I didn't already HAVE something I could use and pretty much suggested I was a hoarder in desperate need of an intervention. He pointed out that I buy stuff and don't get rid of the old stuff I no longer need, and he's right. By the time I'm decorating, I'm too busy and too tired to go through all the boxes and get rid of what I don't want any longer, and when I DO have time, I'm pretty sick of looking at all the Christmas stuff and I don't want to have anything more to do with it.

So THIS year, I made a conscious effort to cull out everything I no longer want. Yesterday evening, I spent a few quality hours in the garage, surrounded by boxes. I filled several bags of Christmas stuff for Goodwill and filled another box of stuff for the trash. In changing my bedding later in the evening, I even found a couple things in the linen closet that needed to take a trip to Goodwill. Hubby had already loaded his car with an unused dog igloo to be donated, so I just added all my bags and boxes too, and now his car is jam packed full. Serves him right. Bet he won't accuse me of hoarding anymore! Ha!

Soccer Son and I were supposed to do a little yard work today, but I think I broke my body yesterday, so when he showed up, I wasn't much help. As Soccer Son worked, Hubby looked on from the front patio, where he was assembling our old artificial Christmas tree--we decided to give it one more season of life, but it's going to be spending it outdoors. Unfortunately, while he was putting the tree together, Hubby had a Meniere's attack, which makes him incredibly dizzy and sick to his stomach; so while he slept off the attack, I took over the tree job and finished just as it was starting to get dark.

When I sorted out the decorations yesterday, I separated out some that were suitable for the outdoor tree. I was quite anxious to get that decorating task completed, especially since we're supposed to have rain tomorrow. So I looked through Hubby's box of outside lights and found two long strings of colored lights for the tree; when I tested them, both worked just fine. You can probably figure out where this is going, right? Yep, I put the lights on the tree, plugged it in, and only one string worked. And, of course, there were no more strings of lights in the box, so I had to go to the store and get more.

No, the patio tree isn't lit yet--at least HALF of it isn't. By the time I got home (because I did my grocery shopping too) it was much too dark and much too late, and I was much too hungry for dinner to mess around with the darn tree any longer. I don't know what time it's supposed to start raining tomorrow, but I might be finishing the tree in the rain.

So, yep, decorating is proceeding. It's actually getting close to done, in fact. Gran emailed me today and suggested I stop for a little while tomorrow to have lunch with her, so I think I'll do that. I DID warn her that she might have to carry me, but I actually think my body's feeling a little better tonight. I find that if I try really hard, I can get out of a chair by myself now and I can even straighten up--eventually.

I'm glad you could stop by so we could have a little time to visit, but I've gotta go now--it's time to take the pin out of the inner ear of that voodoo doll that looks like Hubby. Hoarder! Ha!


Kris said...

Sounds like your place will be looking fantastic!

Angie said...

You are a HOOT with way too much energy to keep all to yourself!!! So how about sharing just a tiny bit of it with me so I can START decorating---I DO NOT WANT to talk that Hoarder crap---my husband has made vague references to that in our household. *huff* ROFL

Yvonne said...

Hmmmmm....I got that same lecture when I asked hubby to help me level my quilting table. Have fun with if you wouldn't. :)

Kelly Ann said...

You and Gran better stay out of trouble I don't have the available funds to get Thelma & Louise out of the slammer...just sayin'...

Laurie said...

I was wondering if you could bottle some of that energy and send it to me! Staying up til 2:30am! I haven't seen that time since I was feediing babies..that was 20 yrs ago!

Hope your husband is feeling better!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Sounds like an intervention is needed - for both of you - would chocolate work, eh!?

Robin said...

Your place always looks so fabulous...I live vicariously from looking at your Christmas decorations. (We don't really decorate much, since we always travel to one son's or the other's house for Christmas.)

So, you are sore and ailing and Gran is taking you to a healthy-food place. Are you sure your body can take all that healthy stuff, LOL??

Please don't electrocute yourself in the rain with those tree lights!! And tell Hubby that at least you're not a CAT HOARDER like some of us...kidding, I'm NOT, really. Really, I'm not.

quiltmom anna said...

KIm, Hope that you did not have rain today so that you could light the tree without causing any damage to yourself.
You have been one busy lady- sounds like you got rid of lots of things to Goodwill - I am sure that someone will enjoy your treasures too.
As for you and Gran - well I know you will have had lots of fun at lunch too.
Warmest regards,