Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry, No Post Tonight

I'm cleaning house in preparation for Thanksgiving and the computer is in the dishwasher. See you tomorrow!


JVC_Scout_Mom said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

I know you said it tongue in cheek, but there may be some out there who don't know HOW to clean their keyboard and try it.

I work at a "World Weather Forecasting" company, and one of our IT techs jokingly told one of our DataEntry people to put it in the dishwasher .... and he DID! And ran it through the dry cycle, too. Guess who got in trouble for the incident .... the TECH!

Gosh .. that's been close to 20 years ago now, but I remember it clear as day!

paulette said...

Don't work too hard...besides no one is going to notice a little bit of dust! At least the rat won't be coming to dinner!! (I kind of miss him in a weird perverted way...just think,he's out there in some homeless shelter for rats... dreaming of the days when he had it REALLY good...with apples and other Halloween goodies at his fingertips-too funny!!) Have a great Thanksgiving!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

julieQ said...

Snort!! Have a happy Turkey day!!