Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That's how I feel--I'm still not feeling so good. I thought I felt better this a.m. until the stomach cramps hit again. I tried to go to work but I only drove about a mile before I had to turn around and come back home. Ick.

There's really too much to do to be feeling bad. I took a nice nap today and went into the Sweat Shop later on to do a little of it. Tomorrow I have to drop a quilt off for the upcoming quilt show this weekend, and I needed to sew a hanging sleeve on, so I did that.

I also made block two of the Layer Cake Quilt Along that was posted this morning. Want to see it?

I'm using the Wee Woodland fabric line, which is a little outside my normal color range and style, but I think it's a fun and easy way to try out something different. I've ordered border fabric that has the alphabet on a black background and the accent fabric I'm going to use is a teal blue with an all over print of leaves and mushrooms and flowers. I have no idea what I'll do with the quilt when it's done. I think it might turn out looking kind of masculine, so maybe it will make a good guy quilt.

Of course, making the block wasn't one of those "have to do" things--that was just play because I didn't feel well enough to do much else. I still have directions/patterns to write up for the Christmas class this weekend, but at least I'm just about ready with having all the samples made and other things done. Of course, after that, there's Thanksgiving to plan, which I've barely thought about. Then there's another quilt class I'm teaching after that--a Schnibbles class that following Saturday. So, lots to do and no time to feel icky.

I guess I should get a good night's sleep so I have a chance of feeling better tomorrow. Because there's going to be lots of things to do at work too after being out for two days. ARGH!


Yvonne said...

I hope you feel better this your block.

Gwen said...

I hope you feel better today! Have you posted your other two blocks from the layercake quiltalong? I need to go back and look!

Sinta Renee said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Your block is great... and it actually goes with your blog background! This might be your new "seasonal" color range!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice block! Feel better soon!