Thursday, November 11, 2010

Follow Up

Shopping in San Francisco. I think I'm probably going to go with the Noe Valley contingent unless one of my readers suggests something more interesting. I did an online check of "Noe Valley Shopping" today and it seems I missed quite a few shops last year, so there are plenty of places left to explore. Besides that, the ladies are lunching at Tyler Florence's restaurant, The Wayfare Tavern, and that sounds like a wonderful idea to me! I've read a couple of reviews and everyone seems to agree the chicken is wonderful. Since I have about a month before the trip, there's plenty of time to contemplate what to order as a side dish. In fact, by then I suspect I'll want to try everything!

This week during evenings spent in the Sweat Shop, I've been working on star blocks for the borders of the Charm Pack Quilt Along Christmas quilt. I have all the pieces cut but only nine of the twenty-three blocks sewn so far.

It seems I've had other things going on this week, so I haven't had very many hours free to spend sewing.

Did you hear about the cruise ship that's without power and stranded down around the Gulf of Mexico? I gather it's being returned to San Diego by a bunch of tugboats. Well, Gran is on a cruise ship down there somewhere, and I don't know which one she's on. I don't THINK it's the one in the news; I think I read that cruise left last Sunday and I believe Gran's cruise left last Friday. Still, I guess it would make for a good blog story wouldn't it? I'm looking forward hearing she's back home safe and sound though!

A friend of mine who has been following the story about our resident rodent asked today for an update. Well, we haven't seen or heard from it for several days, but then again, we also haven't had any indications that it might no longer be living, if you know what I mean. Of course, some traps are visible and I know it's not trapped in any of those, but some are tucked away here and there, and I'm not even sure where ALL the traps are. The two cats seem a little less on guard in the kitchen, but then again, they were never very good guard cats to begin with, were they?

This week, Hubby built a dog house for the Drooling Dog. I guess now that his creative efforts aren't required for building mouse traps, he has to direct them elsewhere. I'll have to take a photo to share with you. The Drooling Dog's not used to being outside in the rain, but for some reason, he doesn't like being in the garage either. I, of course, don't want a HUGE dog who drools living in the house, so it was starting to be a little bit of a problem as the weather got chillier. Now, though, he has his own house on the back patio, and it has one open side so he won't feel too boxed in and can see us in the house. He has a cushion and a sleeping bag, and he seems very content curled up in his home.

That's about all the news I can think of, so I suppose I should get to bed. Thanks for stopping by to visit!


Megan said...

Kim! I'm in love with your Christmas stars!! That is going to be one beauuuutiful quilt!

Nicole said...

I think your Christmas stars are terrific too! And what I would give to go to Tyler Florence's restaurant in San Francisco! What an outing to look forward to.

Sinta Renee said...

ooohhs and awwwe's from me! and I love the new blog look too!