Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too Tired To Be Excited--Almost

Yay! The long, three-day weekend is here! Unfortunately, I'm too tired to be very excited just yet, but I'm pretty sure that after a good night's sleep, I'll be as enthusiastic as enthusiastic can be! In the meantime, I'm not really blogging tonight--except to tell you I'm tired (and also, the Wild Child has her laptop hooked up to the computer connection and I'm laptop challenged, although I've managed this much).

I have several quilting and crafting projects planned for the weekend, so I hope to have something to show you that might even inspire you at some point. I hope you're enjoying your weekend so far and will come back to visit me when I'm a little more lively.


PunkiePie said...

Enjoy the long weekend!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Looking forward to what you are up to. As for me I am sitting in my room enjoying a very cool Colorado morning with a tray of tea to enjoy while my breakfast is being made. Such is life. I guess I will go jump in the shower now.... Wish you were here.

Anonymous said...

I hope to do some thrift shopping today. I hope you've left some good stuff out there for me.
Chris in Sacramento

Micki said...

Enjoy your weekend! I have been doing a lot of resting since my fall. You sound like you are gathering projects together to do.