Friday, September 24, 2010

Copy Cat!

Remember all those pumpkins I brought home yesterday?

Canned pumpkin! Hubby tried to convince me he'd used one of my "real" pumpkins, but I didn't believe him. First pumpkin pie of the season--yum!

I've been so busy getting ready for Halloween, getting ready for Saturday's Schnibbles class, and working darn hard at work that I've neglected blog hopping visits to my Blogland neighbors, but this morning, I stopped by to visit Brandie at her blog and I found she'd been doing the CUTEST Halloween things! I "borrowed" one of Brandie's ideas and made a few of her pumpkin coasters tonight--

(If you notice any blood on them, it's just a bit a Halloween effect that I decided to add when Stitch tried to claw my hand; I jerked my hand away and sewed my finger instead, which aptly illustrates the meaning of "between a rock and a hard place.")

You can click over to Brandie's blog using the link above so you can see how to make the coasters, and while you're there, scroll down a little and check out her "Tom, Dick, and Harry" idea too--something that's definitely on my list for an upcoming project.

And speaking of upcoming projects--yes, I still have to paint the papier mache head in the first photo and add papier mache to the plastic pumpkin and ghost containers. Maybe this weekend--after the Schnibbles class.

The weekend is almost here--I hope you have something fun planned!

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PunkiePie said...

Very cute. I'm going to pop on over and see how they are done.