Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday?

I suspect some of my early morning readers wondered where I was this morning. Well, I've been having intermittent computer problems, and last night my computer was SOOOOO SLOOOOOW that I finally gave up, started running a scan, and went to bed. Unfortunately, scans never seem to turn up anything, nor does disk cleaning or defraging. And, at least in theory, I should have plenty of memory. So I have no idea what the problem is, but it seems to run faster again after I've run a scan, even if no problems are found. Any ideas? I hate to take it in and shell out a couple hundred dollars if the computer guys aren't going to find anything. Maybe it's just getting close to the time to buy a new computer?

The workmen are still here, working on the bathroom. They were supposed to finish up by yesterday, but the tile guys have taken twice the time that was estimated, and it's a small shower! We're happy with the way it looks, though--want to see a couple photos?

Tomorrow they'll be sealing it and doing the rest of the finish work, and by Friday, Hubby will be able to take a shower in "our" bathroom again.

Since I've been working, I haven't been around to be inconvenienced by the workmen, but I'm looking forward to having a clean house again someday. Besides the dust and grime generated by the construction, there's the "normal" dust and grime of two weeks of not cleaning, and then Hubby's kept the workmen supplied with coffee and lemonade, which means the kitchen floor is pretty well trashed. He outdid himself this morning though--he even made them a loaf of homemade bread. No wonder they keep wanting to come back!

Anyway, if you didn't see it, I did eventually write a blog post this morning, so scroll down to the next entry. Thanks for visiting!


Jane said...

The shower looks great!

PunkiePie said...

Looks great! And I guess Hubby found the secret of keeping the workmen motivated... feed them! I love it! LOL!

Linda said...

Copycat! We did the same in our shower....large tiles on wall and the small ones on the floor. I know how you feel about wanting to get back to a clean house again! We're having hardwood floors installed this week and next. Sawdust, moving furniture, finding dirt that has been there for years under furniture too heavy to move periodically! I enjoy reading about your work adventures, too!

sunny said...

Beautiful shower! Well worth a little grime and dust. Does hubby make bread for you, too?

Kate said...

Re computer: have you tried emptying your internet file histories?? it's the only thing I can think of that you haven't already mentioned.