Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where's a Gun When You Need One?

I know I've said it before--I work with a bunch of turkeys.

Yeah, yeah, I know--cheap and obvious joke, but I never get tired of it for some reason! Seriously, though, it seems like our area has been overrun with wild turkeys the last couple years. Even in my own neighborhood we've seen a few turkeys, and we live nowhere near any rivers or other natural turkey habitat. I'm sure there's some law about not shooting the darn things in residential and commercial neighborhoods, but gosh darn it!

As I pulled into the parking lot this morning, I spotted these guys up on the roof. At first I only saw the coloring and thought it was an owl, but nope--when I actually looked, I saw it was a pair of turkeys. On the roof. Funny, eh?!!

On a different subject, I thought you might like to know about the status of our bathroom remodel. (Really, if you DON'T want to know, well, I got nothing for you--turkeys and remodeling are my life right now.)

First, I should tell you that each of our two bathrooms is about the size of a normal public handicap restroom stall and they're both interior bathrooms. So, small with no natural light.

The master bathroom had a shower stall with a glass door. Because of Hubby's handicapped status and his unsteadiness on his feet, he wanted something he could sit down in, and he was always worried he'd fall and go through the glass door. So here's a photo of the shower stall after it had been demo'd and then reframed--you can see the bench they've framed in at the back of the stall, and they've actually managed to claim several "extra" inches of space to help make the stall a little bit larger. The tile guy comes on Thursday, so I guess they have more prep to do tomorrow to give him a surface to tile.

Rather than the glass door, we'll have a rod with a curtain. And seriously? I'm not sure if that's any better because NOW if Hubby falls, he'll just fall right out and crack his head open on the toilet. Six of one; half dozen of the other. I just gotta make sure to keep up the premiums on the life insurance policy, I guess.

The other change in the bathroom is the installation of a pocket door. The contractor also moved the door opening over a few inches. These changes will allow Hubby to get through the door in his wheelchair if/when it becomes necessary again--that was one of the problems he had when he broke his leg a few months ago.

Not a very exciting photo, I know, but that's the framing for the pocket door. And in order to do that, they had to move the electrical off that wall and onto the wall to the left.

Well, I gotta go practice with my sling shot now. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim - I went for a walk in the neighborhood next to mine (the poor side of Arden Oaks) and guess what? Two turkeys followed me for a block or so - they looked so - well, confused to be there.

Jen in NY said...

Kim, this was one of your funniest posts ever! Turkeys and remodeling, who'da thunk it? You can take any subject and make me laugh out loud! :-)

PunkiePie said...

We have turkeys here but I live in the woods. We actually have 3 Mama hens and their 15 chicks that hang out around here. The chicks are way too cute!! I wish we had put in a pocket door for our bathroom during our construction. I thought of the idea too late. :(

Shelley said...

Turkeys AND Sugar Daddies...boy, that's some week you're having! LOL! :)

Jan said...

LOL at the "turkeys!!!" Now that's something I wouldn't expect to see in CA!!! Down South in our neighborhood, it's "Ducks!!!" I mean hundreds of 'em (LOL). That's probably an exageration, but still :) Love all the "Jelly Roll" Blocks. Awesome job on all counts :) Oh and it's Wed, which means that wretched "work week" is 1/2 over :)

Quilt Hollow said...

LOL..thanks for the usual morning chuckle!

Brandie said...

I have never seen wild turkey in our area, Paradise, till this year. WE almost hit one on the freeway between here and Chico. Last week there was one in my MIL's yard, she lives just down the block. If this keeps up, they may start having Turkey season, along with deer season. If one of your new friends happens to fall and "break" his leg, I have several recipes.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Hey toots we need to get those wild turkey recipes from Brandie. How is the dust? With both bathrooms being remodeled do you need to stop by for a shower on your way to work?

Claudia said...

Love the idea of pocket doors.. We are planning several when we build our new house (a few years off yet)
Love the turkeys !!!