Friday, August 6, 2010

The Really Good Thing About My Job . . .

is that it SURE makes me appreciate the weekends!

And, of course, the weekend is almost here. I wish I could say I had some really fun events coming up or even just a restful and relaxing couple of days planned, but unfortunately, a lot of our time will be spent moving MY crafty and seasonal decorating things out of the Wild Child's room in preparation for her move IN next week. Also next week? The bathroom remodel begins. I'm pretty sure my head will explode at some point.

I'm pleased to say that today went a little better at work. There was still a lot of time wasted with computer people fixing things they messed up yesterday, but at least I started to feel like I knew what was going on at the desk of the vacationing secretary I'm covering. That always helps lessen the stress a little.

Nevertheless, my brain feels like it's been sucked dry, which means I can't think of anything interesting to talk about, and my hand is achy tonight, so it's probably best I not type much anyway. At least tomorrow's Friday, and if nothing else, I can at look forward to a different set of challenges for the weekend!


Orcsmom said...

Welcome back to the rat race!!! Try to relax some this week-end!


Micki said...

Enjoy your weekend! I know how you feel about the bathroom. We had ours remodeled, and it isn't easy!
Good luck and rest and have fun this weekend!

quiltmom said...

Wishing you a restful weekend- hope that work continues to settle down for you.
Hope the renos go quickly and are problem free.
Warmest regards,