Friday, July 2, 2010

What Can I Say?

And I mean that quite literally. I'm not sure what I can tell you tonight that might be very interesting.

Probably a couple of you are wondering about the missing mouse. Still missing. I know some of you said you wouldn't have been able to go to sleep unless you had found it first, but I didn't want to chase it around the house--there are quite a few places it could run and hide, and those little critters are FAST. So tomorrow I'll look under the corner cabinet where it was last known to be hiding to see if I can find a deceased little mouse; if not, we'll just need to stay alert, one way or another--by scent or sight. Spike was prowling around our bedroom early this morning, acting suspiciously, and I feared the worst, but nothing ever came of it.

I was thinking a couple of you might want to see my incision, which looks darn good. I think I need to find out whether my surgeon might have any interest in taking up quilting. He really does a nice job in cutting and stitching. Anyway, it looks so good, I took a photo, but in the end, I decided too many of you would be grossed out with your morning coffee, so I elected not to post it. No thanks are necessary.

So what does that leave me with to chat about? Well, I can show you the Halloween quilt top I finished today. This is the one I cut before surgery and worked on during the past week, on and off.

It's not a great photo because I had to take it from the side--it was too big to get it all in a photo looking straight on. I think this will make a nice utility quilt, and I'll probably just do an overall meander when I quilt it.

As I type, Stitch is here on the desk top next to me. This is somewhat worrying because the last time I saw him was when I let him outside and closed the door behind him. I certainly hope Hubby checked him thoroughly before letting him back in the house. Especially since he was just sitting here, licking his little kitty lips. Garrrrrrr!

I was absolutely dying to work on a Schnibbles quilt today. I had posed a question the other day about using a rotary cutter, and Vicky--who has had the surgery herself and knows what she's talking about--suggested it might be wise to give my hand/wrist a week or so to heal first. I totally agree. But I did some cutting anyway because I'm a rebel. Actually, I found the handle didn't press near the incision, so it didn't hurt, and I made sure to put in a fresh, sharp blade, but my hand did get tired after awhile, so I stopped. Most likely I'll finish cutting tomorrow, and then I can work on the sewing over the weekend.

Now, I think I'm going to head off to bed early with a book and a little ice pack for my hand. It's not really sore and I don't think there's any swelling, but I figure the ice treatment can't hurt, just in case I abused it with the cutting. In the morning, I want to hit the grocery store and stock up on the fixings for some 4th of July weekend BBQ. It's almost here!


Orcsmom said...

So glad you are back and at'em! Have a wonderful 4th! Hope to see ya soon!!



PunkiePie said...

Sounds like you are well on your way to recovery! Have a wonderful holiday!

dianne said...

ooooo!!! i see some ghastly fabric in there!

Jan said...

It sounds like your hand is healing nicely, which is awesome!!! Not so awesome on the mouse tho ... I would probably have to put a "For Sale" sign up if I saw one in our house (LOL). I am sooooooooo not fond of those little critters. Gorgeous quilt top and I am amazed that you managed to sew so soon after surgery!!! Wishing you well :)

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Scary Quilt - I love how you have it going around the corner - love it and in your wisdom and knowing your own body and you are not pushing the envelope (or rotary cutter over the edge....)

Nicole said...

Very cute Halloween quilt! And good luck with that mouse....

Nancy said...

Your mouse stories reminded me of something that happened when my 18 yo was on 3 or 4 .... I blogged about it here

Rhonda said...

#1...glad you're able to do some cutting.
#2...I wouldn't have been grossed out...if you can stand to look at the dead snake I killed, I can look at your stitches....LOL the quilt...a boy would love it...I could just picture a 6 year old with his car and truck set pretending to drive all over that quilt.... ;-}
#4...take care and have a safe and wonderful 4th!

Micki said...

Glad that you are feeling better..I love your Halloween quilt!

Amy said...

Kim - you really are a rebel! But you do appear to be healing nicely. I do like your Halloween quilt. Halloween quilts are one of my favorites.

Denise in PA said...

LOLOL! You're funny (and I think I'm glad you didn't post the photo, but I would have looked). Cute halloween quilt! You're getting a head start. Take it easy!!

quiltmom said...

I love your beautiful quilt - the colors are gorgeous. It looks so bright and cheerful.
Your mouse and cat story was too funny. We have had mice on occasion get into the house( we live in an older home near a ravine) Mars our cat thought they were her toys to bat around- We got a cat because we thought it might keep the mice away. She couldn't scare a flea away but she is very pretty LOL..
Hope that the mouse has the good sense to stay away.
Nice to see you are feeling better and on the road to recovery.
Warmest regards,