Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thrifting Parade, Part Deux

I wanted to show you a few more treasures I've found lately. Gran had told me about the American Cancer Society's Discovery Shop, and since I needed to go to Trader Joe's, which is just across the street, I thought I'd check it out. There I found these individual salt and pepper shakers made by Irice--six for $3. Hubby laughs at the idea of us EVER needing individual salt and pepper shakers, but the real attraction for me is that they match my favorite larger salt and pepper shakers!

While I was there, I carried around a set of Battenburg lace place mats for awhile, thinking I could make them into a window valance, but in the end, I put them back. I wonder if I'll regret that later?

Today I found a blue-green Atlas canning jar. I have a collection of these types of jars, but most of what I have are Ball jars, so I was kind of excited to find this one.

It always amazes me to find these in antique stores for $5 or more, because they're still fairly available at thrift stores for much less.

Here's a blast from the past--the 60's, I think.

I kind of think my mom might have had this same lazy Susan set, but I'm not sure. When I consider all the times I've filled various bowls for "make your own" salads or tacos, I think a lazy Susan will come in handy. I'm not quite sure about the green and yellow, but it's vintage, and those were the popular colors back then. Each dish is inscribed "Made in California," and the wooden base still has a sticker/stamp affixed.

And today I found these yellow and white lazy Susan dishes--I thought they'd fit the base, and they do--well enough at least. I thought I'd see if I have a bowl that will fit in the middle--if not, I'll have to look for one.

You may have noticed that the wooden base for the lazy Susan is kind of scratched up. Well, I have plans. In one of the Mary Engelbreit books I found the other day, she shows how to paint wooden "bowlies." In fact, I've been specifically looking for a few interesting wooden bowls, and I found these two to "test":

I've bought a few other things, mostly as "supplies" for similar projects, but I won't show them now because they're kind of boring--I'll save them until later when they're pretty!

On Saturday, there was a neighborhood garage sale in my own neighborhood. I don't usually go to garage sales, but since there were several in a small area, I thought I'd make an exception. So I got up early Saturday morning, put my tennis shoes on, and headed out--it was only later I realized I'd never even had my morning cup of coffee! ARGH!

I'm always drawn to boxes with the idea of doing some type of paint or altered art project, and that's what initially attracted me to this one. But really, the rusty metal exterior is kind of neat "as is." I don't know what I'll keep in it, but I don't think I'll make any changes.

At the same house, I spotted this older Singer. No, it's not a Featherweight--it's a half size standard model.

I asked the woman what she wanted for it, and she wasn't really sure but she finally said $10. Although I don't collect Singers, I thought that was too good a price to pass up. I understand it still works, but I haven't actually tried it yet. The real negative about it is that the case is extremely beat up and is currently held together with duct tape; I understand this particular model HAS to be in a case--they don't run on a table top because there are moving parts underneath. So someday Hubby or Soccer Son will need to build a case for it, or I'll find something else that will work, like lowering it into a table.

My last garage sale purchase was this wagon:

I liked the size, and I immediately saw all kinds of seasonal decorating possibilities. I'm not so excited about the bear, but the woman said the bear went with the wagon, so I brought him home. Oddly enough, Hubby kind of likes the bear. Go figure. So maybe the bear's mission will be to decorate and beautify Hubby's work bench in the garage.

Well, I think we're about done with the thrift shop parade for now, although I DID find some books to read. AND I was thinking it's been a few months since we talked about good books, so come back tomorrow with your list of favorite reads so we can discuss and share, okay?


PunkiePie said...

You do have an eye for treasures! One of these days I'll have to pop into a thrift shop and see what I can find.

dianne said...

i am NOT gonna let Auntia see those peppermint cups that Gran gave you (in yesterday's post) cuz she will send me on a never-ending mission to find one for her ... love the frilly lazy-susan dishes - those would look so sweet for the tea party baby shower (that i've been talked into) ... and now i want wooden bowls (i have always had a thing for wooden kitchen things, but no one in my family likes to eat out of wood - go figure) ... and i like the bear, too - but the wagon is too cool ... oh my gosh - i would have jumped on that machine, too, even if it isn't a featherweight - i am gonna save my pennies and give myself a featherweight someday

debbie said...

What cool stuff you found in your own neighborhood! There is a Vintage Singer Yahoo group that would help you find out all kinds of info about your new machine. I'm a member since I own my Grandma Grace's treadle and a featherweight I bought at a car show, yeah! (but my husband never regrets taking me with, I'm a car lover too ;~) Here's the link of the home page when I sign in. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vintagesingers/?yguid=223763354
I'm with your hubby, I like the bear because he's different...and I can see him in the drivers seat dressed in winter/holiday garb with most any animal pulling his cart...with antlers attached of course.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Coming up for air - missing you and especially the shopping! Nice finds!

Judy in Michigan said...

You DO have an eye for treasures!! I found this blog last night and after reading your blog this morning, I thought this would give you some ideas...
The photography alone is wonderful.
Have a good day!!

Sinta Renee said...

Ok, next time I want to go with you! Love your new treasures!!!

Stephani said...

Hey Kim,

Love your finds, including the salt and pepper shakers - they are great on a long holiday table, no wait for S&P.

Check with Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville. She had a reference for someone who builds mini-table bases for all types of portables. Real wood, and really reasonable. Unless of course someone else has a better idea. Loved the mini machine.


Anonymous said...

You find the BEST stuff! I love the red tea pot and the jar!
Chris in Sacramento

Pokey said...

Wow, you sure can find the good stuff!!

Robin said...

Great finds!! Okay, you will have to explain to me how one goes about "forgetting" that they have not had coffee!! That's kike forgetting you have to go to the bathroom! Well, spoken by a true coffee addict, I guess.