Sunday, July 25, 2010


I need to focus here. I have several things to blog about and if I blogged about everything, it would take you half an hour to read it all. Actually, it might anyway. But I've been thrifting again, and I wanted to show you some cool stuff; thrifting has also led to visiting some garage sales, so there's that too. But tonight I think I'll try to focus on yesterday's birthday celebrations.

Although it was low key, I think this was one of the best birthday celebrations I've enjoyed--or maybe it's BECAUSE it was low key. I know I've sometimes fallen into the trap of thinking the day needs to be REALLY SPECIAL, and when it doesn't quite live up to the expectation, I'm disappointed. So no real expectations this year other than my own decision to just do whatever I thought I'd enjoy, and of course, the day's big event was tea and stitching at the quilt shop with Gran.

This month's theme was birthdays, because not only was it my birthday, but Cindy's birthday was the day before, and Linda's birthday is in about a week or so. Gran hung birthday pennants and streamers and each of us "birthday girls" had a glittered paper tiara to wear. Typically at our Friday afternoon teas, each of us brings a treat to share, and this tea was no exception.

This photo only shows a small part of our spread. I made the Tomato Phyllo Tart from a recipe at the Eating Well site (click on the name of the dish if you're interested--it was really yummy!). And check out these mice--

I seem to be haunted by mice! Darling, aren't they? I wondered if someone brought them to tease me, but it was just a coincidence. These mice are special pastries made by a local Mexican bakery, and since they're filled with coconut, Hubby's favorite, I brought mine home for him.

After we ate and chatted for quite awhile, it was time for the White Elephant gift exchange. The package I selected was wrapped in the obituaries--who could resist such a quirky idea?

Inside were three "cracked egg" candles. And can you believe no one tried to steal away such a fine gift?!

And the gift I brought to the exchange? A thrift store find for $3! All intact and looking like it had never even been used.

One of the most popular gifts was the rubber chicken purse. Yes, that's right--RUBBER CHICKEN PURSE. Want to see it?

Through a series of steals, negotiations, and trades, Gran's daughter-in-law was able to walk away with the chicken, which had been brought to the party by Linda. I already knew Linda was an accomplished thrift store queen, but I also learned that when she comes across "treasures" that are just too odd or wonderfully goofy, they tend to go home with her and "wait" for the next occasion, like a White Elephant gift exchange. What a hoot!

I guess I should mention that Gran's daughter-in-law and her two grandkids are visiting from Maryland, and Gran's having a wonderful but busy time. Her daughter-in-law is quite crafty too and will be teaching two apron-making classes at the quilt shop while she's here. I've signed up for the evening class next week, and that's one of the things that got me back into the thrift stores. Take a look at the shop sample--

Isn't it cute? For class, we need a man's XL long sleeved dress shirt as well as a few other items. I ended up with THREE shirts, so I'll have to narrow it down before class and shop for the other things I need next week.

By the way, I finally figured out between me and Gran which one of us is Thelma and which is Louise. As it turns out, I must be Louise, because I noticed THIS sign hanging on the wall in the ladies' room at the quilt shop:

Since Gran seems to have a never-ending supply of scented lotions and other bath products for giveaways--evidence of which appeared during the White Elephant gift exchange--I figure she must be the Queen of Perfumes (or at least a part owner of the Bath and Body Works shops).

After tea, I was sorely tempted to skip picking up Chinese food, because I was still so full I couldn't imagine being hungry again, but of course I was. Luckily I had made the stop anyway at one of our favorite little restaurants, the Green Jade. Since Hubby and I are trying to be more careful about what we eat--and there was just no WAY I was going to give up ordering what I wanted for something healthier on my birthday--I elected to order just one lemon chicken combo plate to split with Hubby. OMG! Even a half order was too much for us to eat, although we ended up picking at the leftovers all evening long.

Well, you already know the rest--most of the evening was spent playing in the Sweat Shop. Thank you all again for the birthday wishes--you and my other friends made it a great birthday!


Mamacessories said...

I just found your blog and I love it. Not only are you very talented - you are funny too! The man's shirt apron is adorable! Is the pattern for sale anywhere? I am studying the photo trying to figure out how to make one!

CaraQuilts said...

What a wonderful way to spend you day!

AnnieO said...

A very happy birthday, belatedly! We play White Elephant at our office Christmas party and it is always loads of fun. I think your eggs will find a spot in your decorating for Easter, especially if you cover them in fabric,LOL! Sounds like a terrific birthday with lots of laughs.

Nicole said...

It sounds like the perfect day--low key is good. Your tomato tart looks so tasty! That chicken purse was hilarious. It makes me realize that when I see something totally ridiculous like that, I need to snap it up and put it away for a White Elephant gift exchange!

Robin said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

carol fun said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I love reading your blog and I am going to be honest here and tell you that I own a rubber chicken purse just like that one! OMG - I know it is crazy but it makes me smile!

quiltmom said...

I can see why that rubber chicken purse was popular I would have wanted to win that rubber chicken purse- it is too funny- what a great white elephant gift for the lucky winner.
The apron is very cool too - I love the ruffle near the neckline- people create the most amazing things.
The phyllo tart looks totally yummy- I checked out the recipe.
Looking forward to seeing your new thrifty finds.