Sunday, April 25, 2010

People of Winco

Are you familiar with the People of Walmart site? If not, click HERE and then click on photos--yes, it's hard to believe these people really go out in public like this, but there are some odd people out there. Just as long as they stay "out there," and not "in here," I'm okay with it--most of the time.

About a week or so ago, I stopped at Winco, my new favorite grocery store. The prices are really, really good, the selection is wonderful, and their products are quite tasty (except maybe the e. coli ground beef they were selling a few weeks ago). Winco is a bit like Costco or Sam's Club but with regular people size packaging, rather than packaged food meant to feed the Duggars. I also like the fact that they have a TON of bulk foods--just about anything you could want can be found in barrels!

Anyway, on this particular day, as I approached the checkout area, I picked the shortest line--just one lady ahead of me buying packets of Equal in bulk. Clearly the quickest line, right? Except the customer had no idea how many packets of Equal she had, and the clerk had to count them, one by one. Total count? 164. The customer tried to pay the clerk $1.64, and it took a couple explanations before the woman understood the Equal she was buying was 3 cents a packet, not 1 cent each. Total cost was $4.92. Guess how long it took the woman to find $4.92 in her coin purse? By this time, three customers with full carts had checked out in the aisle next to me.

Just before she left, the woman tried to tip the clerk five pennies, which the clerk wasn't allowed to accept, so that created a little problem when the woman walked off and left the pennies on the counter. I wished I had a sling shot and could have pelted the customer on the back of her head with pennies. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have inflicted any more brain damage than she already had. (Besides, it was Sunday and the woman was dressed like she'd just gotten out of church, so I'm thinking, "Hey! Pennies from heaven," right?!)

While the clerk rang up my purchases and we chatted about the similarities between People of Walmart and people of Winco, I watched four teenage boys enter the store. One was wearing an aluminum foil helmet, another was carrying a very large boom box, and the other two seemed to be wearing aluminum also, but I was a little sidetracked by the kid with the helmet and didn't have a chance to examine the others quite as closely.

Sometimes I think we worry too much about illegal aliens and not enough about space aliens.

I should have a photo for tonight's post of that quilt I've been working on--I quilted it yesterday and I just need to add the binding today.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I SO enjoyed this post. Especially the reference to the Duggars -- isn't it about time for another Announcement from them? Sheesh.

Word Verification: herchaut -- a rose design on a shield

Rhonda said...

LOL....I'm about to wet my pants with the aluminum helmet...peopele watching is so much fun!!!

Gran said...

So, I am sitting here, eating my tuna sandwich for a late Sunday Afternoon lunch, being quiet in the kitchen because DH is in the living room taking his Sunday afternoon nap early.... and decided to catch up on your blog while quietly reading.

I was laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom, and that was not quiet and then the dawg had to see what was going on and then DH, with his eyes still closed said..... We are quieted down now, I have reread your post, put the tissues in the garbage and will probably be too wide awake after reading your post to have a nap. Shish

Yvonne said...

I'm so happy that you haven't lost your wonderful sense of humor....glad I wasn't drinking anything. :)

Jen in NY said...

I always get on those kind of lines. Unbelievable! Counting out individual Equal packets and the ensuing drama is up there for the worst line ever. Tipping at a store...5 cents? Whaa? I have no words.

Julie S said...

Hilarious, Kim! You really should write a book. I keep telling you that! Make your million at writing hysterical fiction instead of quilting, LOL! Seriously, you do have a gift.

Cheri-Beri said...

Thanks for this post! I'm SURE a People Of Winco site would be awesome :-) I just linked to this post in my blog. Have a great day!