Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today I finished the Schnibbles Winter White top--I'd like to pin and quilt it tomorrow. I wasn't sure about this line of fabric when I first started, but I think it's really softly pretty, don't you? It's Old Primrose Inn by Blackbird Designs.

Thank you all for your dinner suggestions! I surely could have made most of them given a big enough appetite and the ingredients needed, but because I was trying to cook using the ingredients I already had in the house, I had to eliminate several yummy possibilities and tinker with the recipe of the one I finally picked, Pam's suggestion of Salisbury steak--or at least that's what gave me the inspiration for what I ended up cooking. I didn't have any Lipton onion soup mix, so I mixed some dried minced onions and powdered beef bouillon into the ground beef. I made patties and covered them with a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup. Then I put them in the oven at 350 degrees to bake. While that was baking, I sauteed mushrooms and onions and topped the patties with those things and a little Parmesan cheese and let them bake all together a little longer. Yum!

And while I was checking out Pioneer Woman's meatball soup (definitely a meal for another day!), I came across a recipe for potatoes, so I made those to go with the ground beef dish, and I steamed some broccoli. All of it turned out to be just the thing for a chilly winter day!

Of course, for dessert, a cup of hot chocolate with one of Hubby's Valentine sugar cookies was perfect!

And see those little four-patch blocks? Yep, I took your advice about the leftover scraps too. I want to get some of the chocolate brown fabric from this line to set the four patches with, I think. Maybe an excursion to the quilt shop is in order for Sunday!

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend! Thanks for visiting.


Lorraine said...

'nuff marshmallows there????

Fiesta said...

Kim the quilt looks great. You had a great sewing weekend.

Cara said...

Oh that is GORGEOUS in that line. I am now contemplating remaking this pattern.
Nice dessert for DH. Lots of Marshmellows!

Pat said...

Kim, how big is the finished quilt? I love the soft look!

There is a really really good slow cooker website that you might like. I have picked up a number of wonderful recipes that allow me to have entire Satudays/Sundays for sewing once I get them started. She's got a bunch of good tips as well.

Karen said...

Kim, that quilt is stunningly beautiful!

Quilt Hollow said...

Hi, My name is Mary...and I have an addiction. Hee! Your Schnibbles is delightful with Old Primrose and will really come to life when you add your special quilted touch. I have this pattern and some fabric ordered for it. :-)

Kim said...

Salsbury steak...great choice! I love the latest little quilt. A trip to the quilt shop on Sunday sounds nice.

Cindy said...

Oh boy, you DID choose the right fabrics for this one.

I love how it turned soft and beautiful.

dianne said...

heart-shaped cookie from the hub is so very sweet - i think you NEED a pretty red plate with a paper doily to put it on! forget the marshmallow naysayers - i don't see any marshmallows falling overboard and that means that you don't have enough ... LOVE the Winter White Schnibble ... the potatoes and broccoli look oh so delicious - but i'm gonna pass on the mushrooms

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Your meal looks delicious! I love how your Winter White turned out. It looks like you are catching up with the Schnibbles :-)

Nancy-Rose said...

Those fabrics are FANTASTIC. Awesome project Kim.

Carol said...

Your Winter White quilt is so nice with the Old Primrose Inn fabrics. Soft and pretty. The cookie and cocoa look good too.

call me crazy said...

Your Winter White is beautiful! Love the hot choc & cookie photo! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt! So, I take it I'll see ya today. Glad to hear the receipe worked. I have used the same as you when I didn't have any dry onion soup mix. See ya later!!


AnnieO said...

The Primrose Inn line looked gorgeous online and yesterday I saw it in person for the first time--even bought a little of the blue print you used for your border, for my daughter's quilt. The fabric is top quality and feels wonderful, and the colors very soft and yummy. Love your Schnibbles.

Glad your "What's the beef for?" story ended on a food blog worthy note...:)

Carrie said...

That is a perfect combination of pattern and fabric ~ I love it! I look forward to seeing it quilted!

On a side note, I made those PW potatoes the other night and I loved them! Now I've got to go find that Meatball Soup recipe... somehow I missed that! :)

Gran said...

Your quilt is a beauty!!
The dinner looks yummy!!
And there you go again -
With the mug, the mug
Teasing my tummy

So, did you remember
What the hamburger was for?
Ask DH for his cookie recipe
I am thinking
They look what
I have been saving my
Calories are for.

Sherri said...

This is an absolutely beautiful Schnibbles!!!

Rhonda said... I'm hungry....again...hehehehehehe..........I might have to steal a recipe or's hard to come up with food ideas when all I want to do it SEW
The quilt turned out great, of the colors.

KimP said...

LOVE the colors! And your blog is making me hungry . . . : )

kimland said...

I am liking what you did with the schnibble! Dinner looks yummy.