Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Everything seems to be infected. Ever have one of those days?

I've had a sore on my arm for a couple months and recently it's gotten worse. I got it when Stitch was a kitten and stuck a claw into me. Yes, I know that most "normal" people would have gone to the doctor weeks ago, but I kept putting it off because of my essentially optimistic outlook on life--I figured it would get better. It hasn't. My general health philosophy is that everything will either get better on its own or it will kill you. But now I'm just getting tired of trying to out-wait it, so I finally booked an appointment with my doctor--the first available appointment was next Monday. In the meantime, my friend Teri took a look at my arm and diagnosed a staph infection.

Well, that was kind of interesting. It never really occurred to me that it was infected, because there was never any--how do I say it without making you throw up your cereal? How about "exudate"? That's a word you don't hear often, so it probably doesn't conjure up icky images--I hope. Anyway, when Teri said "staph infection," I hopped on the internet and searched for images of staph infections, and sure enough, I gave myself a second opinion and concurred with Teri. After that, I emailed my doctor and (no doubt knowing how skilled I am at self-diagnosis) he called in a prescription for antibiotics. So, hopefully it will soon go away! (By the way, I realize there's a lack of photos in this post--be glad. Be very, very glad!)

Maybe my staph infection will go away faster than my OTHER infection. The other one's bugging me more though. Tonight I got on the computer and found that sometime while Soccer Son was here today, a nasty malware program downloaded itself, and it's obviously one that's smarter than me, because I can't get rid of it. (No, I'm not pointing fingers, assigning blame, or naming names here, but Hubby can work a computer about as well as he can fly a space ship, and I was at work when it downloaded. Okay, I take it back. I AM pointing a finger right at Mr. Idunno. I'm not saying which finger though.) I've checked internet websites for instructions, but this malware persists in blocking everything I try. ALL EVENING LONG. Sadly, I think my computer might need to go into the shop. So--I might be away from my blog for a couple days. I really have no idea how long it will take to fix. I'm going through withdrawals just thinking about it. ARGH!

Time for me to post this before something happens--this malware was blocking me from my own blog (or any blog, for that matter), but I snuck in the backdoor through Blogger. If I'm able, I'll check in and possibly post from my office, but if you don't hear from me for a couple days, either the computer's in the shop or the staph infection finally killed me.


Eileen said...

OH, dear, no wonder I didn;t get a good night. Never told me about the sore on your arm. Those cat scrachs are not good. Glad you finally made a self diagonoses. Hope the meds. work.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Yeah, cat scratches are not good at all. Hope your arm is better soon!!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya about the computer thing. We have the same thing on our family laptop. I am having to use my work laptop, so keep your fingers cross. Our next door neighbor works at Apple, she is going to look at our laptop tonight, I will ask her and email you what she says. She did fix our laptop last time this happen. Hang in there!


Nancy said...

Sorry about the Malware, but really....you EMAILED your doctor?
And he answered? Of course I live in the mid west and you live in progressive California, so maybe that is the difference....

kimland said...

WHAT??? YOU, think YOU will be having withdrawls...What about US??? We your blog readers will be the ones having withdrawls! Your blog is a favorite and always brings me a chuckle. Okay...I confess I even read it last...because I believe in saving the best for last and it's a great way to start my day! By the way...hope your staph infection gets under control!

Rhonda said...

Kim, first let me say that I'm sure you will get better/well very soon.....now then, you are so funny..I about wet my pants reading about the second opinion but the malware thingy took me over the edge into a meltdown giggling fit(which I needed a good laugh)....your blog brightens my days.....just wanted you to know that.

dianne said...

the word verification is "meezying" and i think it may be another word for infection ... as for Mr. Idunno - i never admit guilt when the computer fails, either - especially when a particular finger is being pointed at me - i might get scratched and then it would get infected and we all know where that would lead

Cara said...

Bad infections, bad. Both of them. You'll be lucky if one round of antibiotics gets the staph, and lecture, lecture,lecture on waiting so long. You can lose your arm that way. Seriously.
Hopefully the shop can quickly and cheaply fix your computer. This is the exact reason DH and I have seperate laptops, though the situation may be somewhat reversed.

Jen in NY said...

Is it bad when I laugh through a post like this? I mean, I totally feel bad for you about both of your nasty infections...but you are soooo funny! :-)

I hope your antibiotics kick in right away, and that it's an easy fix for the computer dudes.

Jan said...

Oh Kim! You be careful with that "staph!" They can be very dangerous, so I hope you'll still go see your Doc next week. Ohhhhh and "computer illnesses" can be very dangerous to your health too ... mainly your sanity, so here's hoping it's a "quick fix!"

bingo~bonnie said...

there is more than one type of staph... the MARSA I think it's called is very dangerous!!! My 2 year old got staph in her thumb last fall and it got really infected and she had to have it lanced... :( poor baby but thankfuly the lab test came back that it wasn't the bad type of staph.

Good luck and also good luck with the computer :/ I hate it when things like that happen!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Gran said...

OMGosh! If you have not read Bingo-Bonnie's comment don't! Just keep your eyes here and delete the message in your email. Seriously! Bingo-Bonnie does not know how concerned you get and how you take on symptoms, and build a case for and against the information in regards to your very own body, and then we have to come up with an intervention to talk you down or out of every disease, and, and, and, and. No, no don't read her comment, please, keep your eyes here.

Third opinion. Glad you are on antibiotics, rest - easy no computer- take two aspirin - and call me in the morning.

Colleen said...

Yikes! Hope both of your infections clear up :o)

Miss Jean said...

An interesting thing I found out about virus' on your computer. If you received a pop-up that asked you to download something - anything - incuding a virus protection plan that you didn't ask for - you coul click on the red x at the top of the box to close it. Never were you to click even "no" as it secretly installed it's "stuff". I've learned from my local computer repair store that you cannot even click on the red x any more. The dreaded virus people were getting smart. Just bypass everything and close down your machine. I had something trying to get in and I kept closing and rebooting and I think it has finally given up. Something maybe for next time. Good luck with your staph infection. Those are not to be taken lightly!

quiltmom said...

I hope that the antibiotics are doing their thing and helping you to feel better. Staph infections are not fun...

As for computer woes- they can be such a pain - hope that your machine is much improved soon and you are able to get rid of the virus.

Hope are not feeling like everything is going buggy.....VBG

Look forward to hearing that everything is much improved.


Kim said...

Hope your staph infection is clearing up. I had a nasty one a while ago...nothing to mess with!

How do you get the email to your doctor?????? AND have him/her answer you?

Annette in Sacramento said...

PLEASE ask your doctor to order a blood test for Bartonella Henselea--otherwise known as Cat Scratch Disease. Really. They developed a conclusive blood test to verify if you have it just a year or two ago.

Why do I know this, you ask? Well, my daughter contracted it from a kitten last year. (little boogers, they can't help it) and low grade fever, general malaise, swollen lymph nodes, infected lymph nodes and two surgeries later she is better.

Had the doctor identified it sooner, we could have treated it with antibiotics and no surgeries.

Please, ask for the blood test. It's a simple draw and they could check for staph at the same time.
Hope you're better soon!

Busy Little Quilter said...

I'm with Nancy...you e-mailed your doctor? What a great idea!

I hope you're feeling better, soon.

My husband got one of those infections on his computer, too. He clicked on the red x and he's been on the phone all day with Dell trying to figure it out.