Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stuff to Do

I was thinking today about a Christmas many, many years ago, back in the day when I was organized. And when I say "the day" that's just about what I mean--my organization didn't last very much longer than a day, or a season.

I don't know what came over me this particular year. I had little kids and we didn't have a lot of money, but I wanted to make sure we had something for everyone in our families. I had some arts and crafts ideas for some gifts, and cookies and baskets for other gifts. I planned it all out and knew exactly what we were going to give to each person. I sat down with a calendar and wrote down when each batch of cookies would be made and when each gift would be made. Hubby was primarily in charge of making sure the kids were occupied, fed, bathed, put to bed--you know, I'm sure, all the things that need to be done for kids. Hubby did it all, and that freed up enough of my time to get the Christmas gifts made.

I've always been very good at staying on goal, and so I kept to the calendar and finished each thing as it came up. Christmas came along and everything was ready. Everything went smoothly. Nothing was forgotten. It was a good Christmas.

I can't say, though, THAT particular Christmas was any better than the others we've had; just more organized. Sometimes I long for that organization. Sometimes I think that making lists and putting everything on a calendar takes up too much time and doesn't take into account the opportunities for fun that may come up during the holiday season--or the flu! Then what? No room for deviation!

Most years, I do what I can do. I keep mental lists. By the time Christmas arrives, things seem to have fallen into place. If asked to categorize my Christmas preparation methods, I'd probably say "organized chaos."

I DO wish I had more time though--more time for family, friends, and festivities. And this year, the flu bug stole nearly a week of my time, and I'm running to catch up! Today I finished decorating the kitchen, the most time-consuming part of my Christmas decorating. Of course, like many of you, I wonder how a kitchen can take an entire day of decorating, but it does. And I'm tired, tired, tired tonight.

As I was taking a bath and washing the decorating dirt off just a little bit ago, I wondered about baking cookies. When will I do that? For the last few years, I haven't done much Christmas baking except for the 672 applesauce cakes I baked last year (okay, a SLIGHT exaggeration!), but I'd like to bake a few things this year. Maybe I'll find a little time next weekend or later this week. How about you? Do you have any baking plans? Maybe we can share some recipes!

Tomorrow, in the daylight, I'll take some photos to share of my Christmas decorations. And I'm not done yet--I still have bedrooms and bathrooms, offices and sewing rooms left to transform! But I'm getting there! List or no list, scheduled on a calendar or tracked in my head, one way or another, the decorating MUST be done by Sunday night. I guess it's time now to go to bed, because tomorrow will be another long day!


Greenmare said...

I can't believe you got that spam comment above!
so, I'll leave a REAL comment!!!
I have 6 gingerbread houses and frosting and tons of candy etc waiting on the dining room table today for Miss V's friends for her birthday. Then I hope to get a couple batches of cookies mixed up so when there is time during the week I can bake a pan or two. Then next weekend is the big stollen baking day.

Nicole said...

Goody, let's share decorating pictures this week! I can't wait to see what you have been up to. My husband and I devoted the entire weekend to getting out the decorations and now it is Sunday morning and we are only half done!

Nancy said...

We just finished decorating the tree and the mantle. That's it for us this year.... no one will be here...

No baking for me this year either. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so there is no incentive for me to make stuff I can't eat and no one else needs...

PunkiePie said...

I'm not baking this year either. Just not in the mood to do it. I make some chocolate bark but that's about it. Can't wait to see the decorating you've done!

quiltmom said...

Whatever you do,your house you will look beautiful and you will manage to get everything done that has to get done. Just remember to take care of yourself too- you are worth it and your family are going to care more about whether you feel good and are healthy.

As for baking- I am not much of a baker - my mom has always been a wonderful baker so I am the sewer/ quilter/ crafter. I enjoy making appetizers and occasionally make a cookie but prefer the no bake version of most things. Anna from Thimbleanna had a shortbread cook off and I sent her a recipe for whipped shortbread. Let me know if you would like it too.
I am sure the kitchen looks great and that the rest of the house will too.
Hope you are feeling better.