Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Down, Four to Go--Or Something Like That

This morning I called Hubby from work and said, "When I come home tonight, we're going to listen to Christmas music and decorate. I only have this weekend to decorate, so I need you to either get excited and help or find something else to do!" Hubby laughed at my threats of forced Christmas music but went along with the plan generally. His only concern was what he was going to fix for dinner and how he was going to manage it without getting in my way. "Fast food," was my answer, and so it was--Chinese take out and Christmas music courtesy of Serius Satellite Radio on our Dish Network. (At least for a little while, although I'll admit that some of those songs weren't what I would have chosen, so eventually the music channel was changed to a television channel.)

And now? At the end of the evening? Well, the living room is dressed for the holiday--all the broad strokes are in, anyway. There are a few details to add as I get into the boxes of smaller decorations and greenery, but they're minor. And that was my goal for the evening--to get that room done.

Tomorrow? The kitchen, maybe! That's really the biggest job, but it's also the most fun. But I also have two bedrooms and a bathroom--or two. And maybe an office. And the Sweat Shop. So there's more to be done, and I'm not sure there's enough energy to go around, although Hubby really was a BIG help tonight--more than he normally is.

I noticed that quite a few of us are decorating this weekend, so here's an idea: Those of us with blogs could do a "Christmas home tour" through photos posted to our blogs. I'll try to get a few up tomorrow night and the next night. Are you in? If so, just leave me a comment once you've posted some photos and I'll create a link list in my sidebar of blogs to visit for Christmas eye candy!

And speaking of Christmas eye candy--I'm sure many of you already know, but if you don't, go on over to visit Nicole at Sister's Choice. She's posting photos of Christmas quilts she's made and telling stories about the quilts. Lovely quilts and the stories give us all something to think about.

Remember the Red Christmas Glogg I was making? I don't think I told you, but we "tested" it on Thanksgiving and the vote was unanimous--yum! The Wild Child, who is a bartender in real life, mixed the Glogg half and half with Collins Mix and it made a pretty good drink, although it was a bit on the sweet side. I'll have to post my version of the basic Glogg recipe for you because I modified it a little. Anyway, tonight I strained and bottled all the lovely red goodness--something else I need to get a photo of because it's QUITE festive looking!

Now that I've put in a hard night's labor at decorating, straining, and bottling, it's time for bed. The weekend is here, and I'm most definitely sleeping in tomorrow!


quiltygal said...

Oh Kim I had earmarked this afternoon to at least get the tree up but we were two short at work so that was the end of that so now its tomorrow (if I dont get kept back) so I will get back to you if I manage to get some decs up pointless people coming over if Im bare!!!! have a nice sleep in(Im up at 5!!)

dianne said...

i'll be doing good to get the dust bunnies beaten back today (especially if i don't move away from the computer) ... and the only other person with any semblance of christmas spirit around here is sleeping till noon (at least) ... i think that christmas is gonna be kept in our hearts this year, and not in our home ... but MAYBE things will change and at least ONE tree will go up before the end of the yeat

kcenya1950 said...

Count me in. I posted the first part of my Christmas deco just a few minutes ago. I had done it over the Tday holiday but after 4 days of manual labour just couldn't make myself take the pics. I am so glad you seem to be feeling better. There is never a good time to be sick but around the holidays is the worst. Looking forward to seeing your pics and thanks for working up the links.

Gran said...

Hey you. I am still dragging boxes out and digging around. Pictures maybe later.