Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Misfit at the Ladybug's Party

Last night was PMS Night at LADYBUG'S QUILT SHOP in Manteca, and it presented us--Gran, Orcsmom (Pam), Colleen (No-Blog), and me--an excellent opportunity to get together for a little gal pal party out of town where no one would hold our behavior against us--except maybe the quilt shop owner, but she's a sweetie and we kept buying stuff so I don't think she'll ban us from the shop!

We had all decided to bring some hand work, rather than lug our sewing machines and supplies on the drive, and I soon realized I was with the wrong bunch. Why? Well, shucks, but these gals are SERIOUS about their stitchery!

Before we'd been there long, they started showing off their storage bins and talking about lists of floss and which brands they like best. Soon they moved on to needle brands and sizes. Colleen pulled out her floss list:

Front and back.

Then it was Pam's turn--

And Gran? Well, she probably has her list memorized. But check this out:

When she started strapping on lights and equipment, I thought maybe we were going spelunking! And look at how she's holding those balls of floss--the two finger hold! You can tell right away that she's a pro at this.

And me? Well, I'm quite embarrassed to say my supplies looked like this:

Okay, maybe I'm not that embarrassed. Gran told us we shouldn't store our floss in closed plastic bins for long, so I guess I'm doing the right thing in letting my supplies roam free. Ha! Free range floss! It's a good thing! And as for lists and colors? Yeah, not happenin'. I just pick a color that looks nice and isn't too tangled to tease loose from the flock.

If you're in the Manteca area, Ladybug's is having an excellent sale this week--and we even left a few things there for you and we didn't tear up the shop too much! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!


Eileen said...

OK, Kim, my embroidery supplies would be like yours. Let them have their fun. Bet you can beat them on their quilting supplies.clu

Yvonne said...

Isn't that how they are supposed to look?????
Glad you had a fun night with good friends. :)

Orcsmom said...

I say Half Moon Bay for the week-end for our next gal pal PMS night!!!!!

Ila said...

Is there a link to purchase one of those t-shirts???

dianne said...

a flock of free range floss ... BWAHahahahah!

PunkiePie said...

Sounds like you all had a GREAT time!