Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Da Trees

I've spent a good part of the evening running a program to clean up my computer, so it's late! I thought I'd show you a little more of my Christmas decorating tonight since it's too late for any deep, insightful thoughts. And, first of all, I should tell you that I took these photographs on a camera setting that makes the photos come out all pretty and warm looking but kinda fuzzy, so it's not your eyes, it's me.

Now, the living room tree--I call this "The Gay Guy Tree" because of all the fairies, gnomes, and Santas wearing velvety tights. Yeah, probably not exactly "PC" but just don't tell anyone, okay? The other option is to call it the "Fantasy Tree" but that has its drawbacks too. And then there are the big, red, glowing balls (which I don't mean to imply have anything to do with the name of the tree)--they don't photograph very well. They don't really glow that much in real life--the camera flash tends to do that. And what I don't think made it into the photo are some really cool brushed gold mercury glass LARGE ornaments of--well, I guess they're kind of like moon faces or something. Anyway, they're pretty excellent but they didn't make it into this photo--maybe another time.

Yep, that's the peppermint and candy cane tree, close up.

Then there's the Sweat Shop tree--see the faux button garland and Raggedy Annies and such? It seemed like a good theme for a sewing room tree.

And the office tree, which is next to me on the desk where I'm typing--that had birds and pinecones and berry garland--kind of generic but I like the more "rustic cabin" look. It works in here.

And finally, the tree in the guest bedroom. This one's decorated with snowmen and snowflakes. I think it needs a little more in the way of ornaments, but it will do for now.

By the way, contrary to the popular misconception, I do not have a bathroom tree. And we no longer have a tree in our bedroom because we found the lights kept us awake--not a good thing. So that's it for the Tour d'Tree. Thanks for stopping by!


Lorraine said...

Nice tree tour!...btw....I can't resist this ....did you not think to turn the lights on the tree off when you went to bed??

Eileen said...

A full view of the big tree would have been nice. Pretty trees, thanks for showing us.

Anonymous said...

Nice trees. Tell us about that beautiful quilt hanging in the guest room. A pattern, yours?

Fiesta said...

I love the idea of having different trees.
I used to have 2 but way too much work and storage space required. It is enticing though to do it again.

Jan said...

Beautiful tour! Gorgeous trees! And OMG on having so many! You are the "Queen of Christmas :)" Your home must be a real joy!

Nicole said...

Wait a second. Don't you mean Sweet Shop tree? Not Sweat Shop tree? Although a sewing themed tree could be thought to be a Sweat Shop! Seriously, I can't tell if you are kidding or not.
I love all your themed trees. My sister is thinking of doing a bird themed tree this year, which sounds adorable.
One year I decorated my mantle with all sorts of gold ornaments that had a high heeled shoe theme. Everyone thought I had lost my mind and hired a gay decorator.

dianne said...

now i have to change clothes from snorting coffee through my nose at your fairies in velvet tights ... you really oughta post a warning at the beginning - it would save me a lot on laundry and kleenex - ha ha ha!

Carline said...

I love the quilt in the quest room. Do you have a pattern name for it. BTW, you are awesome, I am doing good to have one tree and you have every room in the house decorated! You are my inspiration.

Julie said...

Beautiful, Kim!! I especially like the guest bedroom. You will inspire me to make that pine-tree quilt eventually. I have a weakness for pine trees and houses :)

Dorothy said...
Kim I have my decorations posted on my blog if you want to add me to you list

Dorothy in IL

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