Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas? What Christmas?

I'm feeling a little discombobulated this year. Why? Well, first of all, in a normal year, I would have had the house decorated for the holidays by now. But, because I came down with the flu at the beginning of prime holiday decorating time, that hasn't happened. Hubby got the tree up and the lights on by yesterday evening, but that's about it. In fact, we've moved backward since then, because Stitch seems to like the lights better when half the string is hanging off the branches on the floor. (Everybody here thinks they're a decorator! Sheesh!)

I've also noticed when visiting some blogs lately that the entries go pretty quickly from photos of Halloween to photos of Christmas stuff. That seems really weird to me! What holiday season IS this? And to be honest, I suspect my own blog does the same thing--after all, I WAS having those peppermint dreams a few weeks back.

I think we have holidays figured out wrong here in the U.S.--we do Thanksgiving too late. In Canada, Thanksgiving falls in early October. I like that! Then there are other countries that don't celebrate Thanksgiving at all, nor do they celebrate Halloween--which means there's much more time to start on Christmas.

I'm sitting here drinking a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows), trying to muster up the holiday spirit. I'm finally feeling better--or better enough to go back to work, at any rate--but I don't know if I have the energy or enthusiasm yet to get excited about Christmas. Part of me is wondering whether it might not be easier to just forget about decorating this year because of Stitch's proclivity to get into mischief. So, I don't know. I think my mood is directly influenced by the flu bug, but if I don't dive head first into decorating by this weekend, I don't think it will get done this year at all--after all, Christmas is only a few weeks away! Bah Humbug!

On one positive note--I DID finish a Christmas quilt and got it hung. So now we have a lit but undecorated tree and a Christmas quilt. Festive, eh?! Ah, here's a photo--

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember this quilt--it's called Christmas List and it was a BOM class I took at Bearpaws & Hollyhocks. The pattern is by Donna Yackey. (You can call Bearpaws & Hollyhocks for info on the pattern--they can either get it in for you or put you in touch with someone.)

So, that's one thing done, more or less--I actually still need to find the box of Christmas greenery and decorate that bare quilt rod.

How about you? Have you found your inner Christmas? If so, any suggestions? Directives? Words of wisdom and encouragement? Want my address so you can come over here and kick me in the you-know-what to get me jump started? 'Cause I could use all the help I can get. Heck, I can't even seem to manage to drink hot chocolate right--I keep ending up with half-melted marshmallows stuck to my upper lip, just out of reach of my tongue! Pretty pathetic, right? I just hope the neighbors aren't watching. I bet I look awfully silly sitting here with my tongue sticking out!


Donna said...

I love the quilt! I can't get get my Christmas spirit going this year. My daughter passed away in July and I am trying but it is so hard.
Blessings to You

QuiltSue said...

Well, I live in the UK, where we don't "do" Halloween or Thanksgiving, but you're wrong - it doesn't give more time to start on Christmas. It's still a mad scramble in the 2 weeks before - well, it is for me anyway.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Czech Republic and we don´t "do" Halloween or Thanksgiving either, even though some shops are trying to bring it to us (which is more economical than trying to start a new tradition). We usually start the Christmas and decorating during first advent Sunday. But our daughter is studying abroad and she is always helping with decorating, so we have to wait for her to come, which is in ten days from now...Until then, no decorating. So Christmas will have a very short life this year in our house.
Happy stitching for all of you

Fiesta said...

Kim great quilt. I definetly agree, Thanksgiving should be much earlier.

Kelly Ann said...

My mother in law is coming in on Sunday for a few days and I still only have half the tree done and nothing else...and I work on Saturday...maybe I'll have some Christmas cheer and get to decorating..

PunkiePie said...

I think I'll be with you this Christmas and may not decorate as we are aquiring two new little ones just like Stitch on Saturday. They are sisters and totally cute. We've named them Taffy and Caramel. My daughter is patiently waiting to bring them home.

sue said...

Bah humbug on the flu! Christmas grabs me when I see sponge candy in the store. Its a once a year purchase and I savor each an every piece. Treat yourself to a special something and I'll bet you'll have the Christmas spirit in short order. Be well.

Karen said...

I have The Christmas List patterns. Does that count? Your completed quilt is wonderful.

Laura said...

I agree with you completely about Thanksgiving being too late in the year! It would make everything much easier (at work as well as at home) if we bumped Thanksgiving up a month or so. As for feeling more Christmassy, I've been listening to the Christmas radio station on, and that's been helping me feel much more festive!

Mandy said...

Bahaha I like how you think us Canadians have Thanksgiving right but the truth is I feel like having Thankgiving one week and then halloween followed by rememberance day, one of them suffers... and usually it's rememberance day!

I always thought thanksgiving should be in November here too lol! The 3rd Monday in November... that way we could actually do halloween and get it over with then do Thanksgiving but have something real to happen around Rememberance day... kind of make them both similar because we really are trying to thank those who've died for us!

quiltmamajb said...

Kim - I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Sometimes the sheer enormity of the Christmas season's tasks can overwhelm us into a kind of paralysis - where to begin - easier not to begin at all? Men don't feel that same pressure - bless their hearts! It could be something as simple as buying some gifts for a charity, donating to Toys for Tots, reading some heartwarming and/or sad stories in the local paper to realize what the season is all about. Do a few little things, take some moments to reflect on your blessings and your Christmas spirit will re-kindle. You have a tremendous heart and it won't let you down. Take well. Piece....

paulette said...

Having a pet is worse than having a least you can keep track of a kid. We have a 6 month old puppy who doesn't stop at chewing -she EATS everything! She loves scraps of fabric, thread and batting...quite the quilter...then upchucks it later into a ...won't go into details...! Recently she has discovered the coffee table and EUREKA there's really tasty stuff on there (artifical berries and apples..yup chewed or GONE!) And if you stand on the arms of the couch you have your pick at stuff on the side tables... BINGO! My snowmen display...all are missing their carrot noses...only one snowman has a carrot nose but is missing his hat and the Christmas TREE....yum fir tastes great...we now have 3 baby gates up...someday we MAY laugh about our little Rylie...just not this year!
So glad that you are feeling better! Take care and happy decorating above the 4 feet line!

Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

Oh no Kim!!! You were on such a roll before you were sick! I was loving all of your peppermint candy decor.
Since the flu has set you back, I suggest just relaxing until the weekend, then on Saturday morning put on some Christmas music, stay in your jammies and just put out all of your very favorite Christmas stuff. You don't have to do the WHOLE house. Maybe if you take some of the pressure off to decorate with everything and you start with one room your mojo will come back?
Then Saturday night break into that huge bottle of booze you made and party it up!! LOL =)
p.s. Christmas doesn't have to end on the 25th! This year you could celebrate the 12 days of Christmas and extend it so you can enjoy it longer!

Sharrieboberry said...

Yikes! No Christmas here. You start to decorate and then you notice the dust.

So first housecleaning, then the decorating. Must go vacuum!

Jen in NY said...

Hi Kim! Glad you're feeling better! My 2 cents is, get to decorating! That will put you in the holiday spirit. Otherwise, if you don't decorate and therefore, feel festive, you might always remember Christmas 2009 as the year you didn't enjoy as fully as you could have. And who wants that?! You can do it! You can do it!!

Micki said...

I love your quilt Kim! Joe and I always have a very quiet Christmas day.....nothing lavish at all. We exchange gifts, have a lovely dinner with a bit of treats and we normally rent a movie or two. That is it for us!Enjoy yours! I have to admit that because all of the renovations and painting, I am not up on what I normally do for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I feel much the same way about Christmas right now. My children have been ill and we had a round of emergency surgery yesterday. We are booked the whole month of Dec between work things and family I don't know when we will get to shop. We normally love Christmas but my household is all saying ba humbug!! Part of the problem in the US is that is it so commercialized. It has lost it's true meaning. That it is a time to reflect, spend with family and friends. Not about how much you spent on gifts etc. We will hopefully find the spirit this weekend as we try to get our tree up and a few decorations done. Keep your chin up! One of these days the spirit will grab you!

Gran said...

So, what is a Kim to do with the flu.
Let me tell you true.
She will not be happy until
all the peppermints
are hung, laid out or strung.

So, come on Sis,
Sip a little glog,
Point your finger to the next box
that DH can haul,
open it and delight as
your home takes on
the sweet spirit of the season.

(All done, of course,
4 feet off the ground
this year.)


Yvonne said...

Oh Kimmy.....I'm sorry you're blue! I'm here to send you a bit of Christmas Cheer. You have a very sweet and dear friend who wants to make you as happy as you have made her. If I was closer I would surely get that peppermint decor scattered about. Would you like to borrow my Chipmonk Christmas cd.....Christmas, Christmas time is here, time for toys and time for Cheer! Feel better, my friend!!!! the quilt! Mine is still in it's dream stage. :)

Mary said...

Nope no Christmas spirit here yet either but your quilt is very cute!