Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts . . .

October 3rd. Where did September go? And wasn't I just asking the same thing about August? Time is just speeding by! You know what else October 3rd means? Three months of not smoking. Not bad! That and the fact that the weekend is here are reasons for celebration!

October also means I'm about a month away from the next class I'm teaching--I'll be giving my students various patterns and ideas for Christmas decorations and gifts. I've planned a few of the projects I'll give them, but I need to get going on the rest. It's funny how when you're a quilter, you're always working ahead of the season, isn't it?!

Seen on the back window of a Volvo this week: A sticker that said, "Drive it like you stole it." Really? Who among us would steal a Volvo if we were going to steal a car? And this wasn't a brand new high end Volvo either--it was just a mid-sized, boxy looking model. Well, at least it made me chuckle! Maybe that's what the driver intended.

Have you been watching the new season of Survivor? Am I the only one thinking that Russell's presence in Samoa may have somehow lead to the recent earthquakes and tsunamis? I can't remember anyone that manipulative since Johnny Fairplay told the other players his grandmother had died. I wonder how long Russell will last?

What are your weekend plans? I'm looking forward to doing a bit of cooking, quilting, cleaning, and--most of all--SLEEPING IN! Weekends are the best, aren't they?!


QuiltSue said...

I wish I could come to your classes, you always seem to have such good ideas, but I guess it's a bit too far to travel there and back in a day from the UK?

My weekend plans? Housework this morning, watching the F1 Grand Prix Qualifier this afternoon and the actual race tomorrow, cooking a couple of easy meals, and the rest is Quilt Time. Hurrah. I've got a quilt on the frame at the moment which is going to be for my sister for Christmas and just for once, I too seem to be working ahead of myself.

KimQuiltz said...

I KNOW, huh? Where the hell did September go?

I have class tomorrow, I really HOPE I'm prepared. I sure don't feel like it!


(Uh...why am I yelling? It's after midnight, for heavens sake! I better get to bed. I think I've gone goofy..)

searchfamilies said...

Week-end plans well tomorrow will be off out am going down to my parents grave (1st anniversary on monday of my mum's passing) also will go to DH's parents grave while down there then will see 2 of his brothers one is doing dinner for us so no cooking for me it around a hour drive away to where we be going.
I hope to do some sewing today & knitting but will be a quiet week-end weather is not great blustry cold & dull is today weather
Sorry i won't be popping over for your class shame it just that bit too far lol well you have a great week-end
Hugs Janice

Donna said...

I do watch Survivor! I think Russell has caused all of the recent earthquakes and tsunamis! He is such a character. I am like you he rates up there with Johnny Fairplay. He will probably last until the end!
For the weekend I am quilting, cleaning and sleeping too!
Love your blog!

Nancy said...

It won't be the same if Russell leaves... "someone" said he is NOT the millionaire he claims to be. That his oil company office is a double wide... I like MickDreamy...and Shambo...LOVE Shambo and am so glad she isn't gone...

Off to First Saturday this morning and then house hunting....very very early.

ABamaMom said...

3 months! Yay...Oct.1 was 2 months for me. (2nd go-round).

Evil Russell! Are these people BLIND? He's creepy! At least Ben's gone...also a creep ! So far, Shambo and MickDreamy are my two fav's (but probably won't last long).

For the weekend, I'm finishing painting the hall and if time allows, I've got to cover window shades and make cornices for the windows...maybe too ambitious...but we'll see how it goes! (I'd rather be quilting!)

Jan said...

Yes, weekends are definitely the best! Especially for us working gals :) Time is truly flying by at the speed of lightening ... so much so, it never ceases to amaze me! Plans??? Sew, sew, sew w/a few of those dreaded chores in between :)

paulette said...

Everyday is Saturday when you retire!! :o)
Have a good one!

Heckety said...

Well done on the 'nil smokes by mouth'! I've spent this Saturday morning putting up a quilt on the frame, please stop by and see if you like as I'm really happy with the top. Of course getting through the hall is a little hazardous now, but sure what are back doors for??

MichelleB said...

Congrats on not smoking for 3 months?

That Russell drives me crazy. I almost hate watching the show because he's so sleazy. That amount of creepiness just makes me uncomfortable - I think he infects me just watching him. lol

Molly said...

Finally, someone else who watches Survivor! Yes, Russell is unbelievable. But Ben was horrible and I'm so glad he had to go. He wasn't even smart.........just rude.

dianne said...

well now ... let me tell you what i'm NOT gonna do this weekend - i'm NOT gonna cut back the grapevine like i OUGHTA and i'm NOT gonna clean house any more than my conscience insists - i gotta read Jem and Mandy away from the broch before the sinister presence there rears its ugly head again! AND i have two giant cornstalks waiting to be pieced together, too.

smoke-free for three months - you get a big old WOO HOO for that!!!

Melzie said...

WAY TO GO on the smoking (or lack thereof)! you are awesome :)

OK this won't be a popular opinion, and DO NOT tell my hubby LOL (I've argued with him for YEARS he thinks Survivor is fake and scripted) BUT this whole Russell story SMACKS of scripted to me :( I hate to even think it. Or at LEAST highly highly directed.

So far I like Mick, Jaison and the Asian girl can't think of her name. Shambo is too out there for me lol.

I think after one more season, they should take the 20 people who were voted off FIRST and make a show of them. Because you never get to know them at all. Of course then you'd have someone voted off FIRST of that one..and that would be a double walk of shame LOLOL.

xoxo melzie

Mumzie said...

You just didn't get the intended message on that Volvo window. Sorry. Mumzie :0

Gran said...


One day at a time (and I know some hards days at that) and you have done it.

Keep on keeping on.

This weekend - stitching and sleeping in and eating and OMG, MI-5 is on.