Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas Thingy Du Jour

Well, guess what happened to me this morning? I'd been sitting on the bed, getting ready for work, and I slid off (on purpose--'cause I'm too darn short or the bed's too darn high for my feet to touch the floor) and I found I couldn't really straighten up--at least not without pain. Yep, getting older is H-E-double-L. Years ago, while putting on a pair of pantyhose, I threw my back out and I've never been the same since--every now and then my low back decides to take a vacation and travel south on the sciatic nerve highway.

My so-called friend Teri kept laughing every time she saw me walking down the hallway at work--when I got tired of it and told her to shut up, she explained that not only did I walk funny but the wet spots on my back where the ice bag leaked a little tickled her funny bone too. Somewhat sympathetically, she told me she'd had the same problem last weekend and thought stretching out her back helped quite a lot.

So, when Tylenol didn't do much for the pain, I went into an empty office, closed the door, and laid down on the floor to do some stretching exercises. Of course, once my center of gravity was too close to the floor to change course, it occurred to me to wonder whether I'd ever be able to get OFF the floor again. And the stretching? Well heck! I'd forgotten that I hadn't stretched anything on my body (except my stomach) since 1997! I thought for certain I'd do myself further damage! But no--I soon gave up, quit rolling around on the floor, and went back to my ice pack (and wet back).

Anyway, before I take a Flexeril and go to bed, I thought I'd show you tonight's Christmas project--two foot warmers that were quick, quick, quick to make!

I think one of these in a gift basket with some soft and cuddly socks and maybe some pedicure products (or a gift certificate for a pedicure) would make a terrific Christmas gift for a friend, don't you?! I know there are times in the winter when I think my feet will NEVER warm up again--and I'm really looking forward to trying one of these out when that happens again this year.

My version is slightly different, but you can find a great tutorial HERE if you'd like to make some.

You know what? I wonder how one of these would feel heated up on my back? A little pill, a little ice, and a little heat. Yummy! I'm sure I'll feel better in no time!


KimQuiltz said...

Okay, you're going to have to tell HOW you do yours a little differently!

Hope you're up a at'em again in no time, Sistah Kim.

QuiltSue said...

Speaking as someone who also "has a back", ouch, I feel for you and hope you recover quickly.

Fiesta said...

Kim what exactly is a foot warmer?
sorry to hear about your pain.

Laurie said...

How to tell things is pure laughter! Oh, we have all been there where we are trying to put on the socks and the foot doesn't come up high enough to get into it! getting old!
Hope feeling better in no time...maybe add a shot of whiskey in with the heated foot pillow!

MichelleB said...

I'm so sorry. I hope that your back feels better soon. Thanks for the tutorial link - those would make some good Christmas gifts.

PunkiePie said...

Feel better and thanks for sharing the link for the warmers. Perfect gift for my sister in law!

Gran said...

Hi just read this and have to dash - I am so sorry to hear about your back. One thing that has helped me recently is putting a pound or so of rice in a cloth bag in the freezer. I pull it out and use it for awhile and then put it back. No leaking. If you need to have it longer then make up a couple of bags.


PS perhaps some has mentioned this in the comments already, it so, sorry I did not get to the comments yet

dianne said...

Gran's rice in a bag is a good idea - i bought long grain rice (Minute Rice doesn't work - it cooks), poured it into a sock and tied a knot in the open end of the sock - it can be microwaved for heat or frozen for cold ... or you can whack someone in the head with it when they aggravate your last nerve

a little ice with vodka wouldn't go amiss, either

as for leaky ice bags - at least it wasn't pea juice - i used to use a bag of frozen veggies as an ice pack - till it leaked and i smelled like i'd had a V8

Lisa said...

Hi Kim,
Your back pain sounds just like mine. I highly recommend a chiropractor! Feel better soon!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hope you are feeling better. Back pain is a pain, for sure.