Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quilters Helping Quilters

Do you know Terry?

You probably do--she's a pretty active blogger and blog reader/commenter.

And Tudy? Tudy is Terry's mom. I learned from Tudy today that Terry's husband was in an accident at work yesterday that resulted in the loss of one of his legs. He's in the hospital and has had surgery.

Terry's friend Laurie is asking for blocks to make a quilt for Terry's family--if you're interested, please pop over to Laurie's blog to see what she's organizing. And although I'm sure we're all motivated to make quilt blocks out of a sense of caring and concern, it doesn't hurt that Laurie's planning a drawing to give away a jelly roll to one of those who participate.

Understandably, Terry's awfully busy right now taking care of her family, but if you want to get in touch or get a message to her, you can leave her a message on her blog or contact her mom, Tudy.

Hugs to Terry, Tudy, and their family, and a big thank you to Laurie for getting Terry's friends organized!

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searchfamilies said...

Please pass on my best wishes & i will keep him & the whole family in my thoughts & prayers
What size block is required
Hugs Janice