Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Look Who's Visiting!

Although I was up at Lake Tahoe last week--where the Wild Child lives--I never got to see her. Why? She's on a 10-day kayaking trip around the lake; she left last Wednesday morning. And before that? She spent Tuesday driving down to our house to drop off her dog Rocky, shop for her trip, and drive back to Tahoe. So, you guessed it--yep, we're dog sitting!

Rocky's made himself at home and seems quite happy.

Yesterday, Hubby put Rocky out on the patio and the next time he walked by, Rocky was sitting in that same chair, but he was sitting up straight and tall instead of curled up and half laying down. What a funny sight!

While I was at quilt camp, Rocky kept Hubby company except on Thursday night when Soccer Son came over and "borrowed" him for the night. Quite frankly, although Rocky is a sweetheart and just about the best behaved dog I've ever met, I wouldn't be disappointed if Soccer Son wanted to "borrow" him until the Wild Child comes to pick him up on Saturday.

You see, the one flaw Rocky has is that he drools--all the time and quite a lot. It's so bad, in fact, that I call him the Drooling Dog rather than Rocky. When he was younger, he was so spoiled, he'd fuss and cry when we'd try to keep him outside, so we'd have to put up with him drooling all over the house. Now dog sitting him is a little easier--although he still comes inside for awhile, most of the time he's happy enough out in the backyard, and he sleeps in our garage at night. Of course, when he's in the house, we keep a drool rag handy.

This morning when I was getting ready for work, I went out to the garage to get a pair of pants out of the laundry basket. The first pair I pulled out had dried drool on them. So did the second pair, but not as bad--just a little bit on the leg. Good thing I was able to clean them up! Hubby thinks it's pretty funny; he said Rocky was tossing a pig's ear around last night and it landed in the basket; Hubby took a look but I guess the drool wasn't very obvious until it dried.

Saturday can't come too soon.


QuiltSue said...

Yep, dogs are great, but they do have their little disadvantages don't they? I love the witch quilt, it's such fun, and the faces on the treat bags are great, specially the top one.

searchfamilies said...

Boxers are so well know for drooling, they have improved the breed here for that but they are great breeds, Rocky looks like a dog we had sadly he been gone many years but i still miss him
Hugs Janice

Fiesta said...

I will be dog sitting in a few months. Goosh I hope I don't go thru that!

Kelly Ann said...

Rocky needs a bib!

PunkiePie said...

Pretty puppy!

Laura said...

He is a cutie pie though!

Jan said...

Ahhhhh what a face!!! He really makes me chuckle; but I'm afraid me and him would battle w/all that drooling. He'd probably win tho (LOL).

quiltmom said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous vacation.
Rocky is a real character- even with the dog drool. In my house the dog thinks she rules and so does the cat so ... it depends on your prospective..

Your students are very fortunate- you always do the little extras that make taking a course special.
Your witch quilt is very fun.
Happy quilting,

Texan said...

okay now being I have one of those drool doggies just like Rocky... Well okay mine is brindle in color but never the less a lovely Boxer boy...

I agree they are very smart doggies :O).. and yes they do fling eye boogers on your walls and drool on your furniture and clothes ... but no one and I mean no one is more playful and entertaining than a Boxer boy! and well you can build 72 story buildings with that Boxer Drool... well you can, have you tried to wipe that off your windows yet? uh huh... well get a pick and hammer girly its about there for life! LOL

Gran said...

Ah, a face only a mother could love.

Funny dog, sitting in the chair. Why not, enjoy a little air current under the chair, cool.

Happy mothering Kim.