Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's All About Me

I was in Bearpaws & Hollyhocks tonight for Jo's Little Women Club, and my Home Gals and I started talking about a topic that seems to consume a whole lot of my time lately--my health. Just so you're up on the latest, my theory NOW (and, really, it may only last today--tomorrow it might be something different) is that much of what I've been experiencing is perimenopausal symptoms on top of nicotine withdrawal with just a sprinkling of anxiety tossed in. Yes, as a matter of fact, that WAS a very heavy sigh you just heard from me--I'm seriously tired of thinking about it. My stomach "issues" have gotten a whole lot better, but I'm still not sleeping very well and now I seem to be having hot flashes and night sweats. Sheesh!

So why am I bringing this up? Well, gosh darn it, I just saw a video HERE all about how now there's a theory that MEN suffer from postpartum depression too! Really? And I'm pretty sure that they suffer much, MUCH more than we women do, considering how sick they get with things like viruses. And if you asked them, they'd probably tell you they do postpartum depression BETTER than we do too. I'm sure happy that back in the day when I suffered from postpartum depression, I didn't have to share the limelight!

I hope I can get through menopause before someone decides that men suffer from menopause. I don't want to share. Men already have that mid-life crisis thing they use as an excuse to act like adolescents. Now that I think about it, maybe WE'RE doing the menopause thing wrong. Just think how much better we'd feel about all of it if we could buy what we want and do what we want as long as we're having hot flashes?

Did you all get a chance to check out that link I gave you yesterday? People of Walmart. Yep, there are some odd ones out there, and I always think Walmart brings them out. That's NOT to say I don't shop at Walmart on occasion--most people I know DO. But the odd ones stand out--and they all seem to hang around Walmart.

In fact, I posted a comment last week on Dawn's blog mentioning that she'd confirmed my belief that the oddest people hang out at Walmart--this was after she bought just about every bottle of Massengill in her local Walmart. Why? Well, go visit her and read the story. There's just no way I can make it into the Reader's Digest Condensed version here.

That People of Walmart site? There's a photo of an old man with his shirt half unbuttoned, and he has boobs. Okay, maybe HE suffered from postpartum depression, but generally, I'm not buying it. That's about all that's on my mind tonight. Time, now, to go take a Tylenol PM and see if I can get through the night without waking up 28 times.

P.S.: I just noticed Yahoo has a clickable link, "Find Out if You Have Alzheimer's Symptoms." Maybe THAT's what I have! I'll investigate and let you know. Or I might forget.


Gran said...

Well, we can all grow old together! Hot flashes, night sweats, hobbling around in the morning, awake at 2:30 - 3:00 each night, craving chocolate, can't remember something from one minute to the next, have to be close to the bathroom if going to be laughing a lot, and on and on. Yet, if we can share about it and find just one person who has experienced what we are going through we are normal. Welcome to the human race, just I am not in a race, and was sort of hoping these would be "golden years."
Feeling your pain....

searchfamilies said...

Hope you are feeling better & had a better nights sleep
Well i am odd & i don't hang out at Wal-Marts oh i forgot we don't have them here lol
Hugs Janice

Fiesta said...

Thanks to Wla-mart Dawn was able to buy the million boxes of Massengill. LOL

Owens Family Adventures said...

I went to the site and then made my husband go so we could giggle at night over all the people in Walmart...then my hubby says to me..."Do you think anyone took a picture of you that day with all the Massengil in your cart??" Then we giggled some more! hahahahaha
Also?? I do not think it's fair that men can say they suffer from anything having to do with The Menopause. It's like Man Cold or something! My hubby is not having any stomach issues and he sleeps just fine! Ask me how I know...cause I am laying there watching him! heh. My Irish Granny said Menopause is whey woman drink. hahahahahahaha
hugs to you girl!!

Heckety said...

I told my children when I get old I'm getting me a sports car, but really, since that what men do at the mid-life crisis why don't I just get on and do it now?
Colour:phsycadelic (sp?) rainbow stripes
Speed: as long as it breaks the sound barrier I don't mind
Make: Hmmm, Oh yes, A Morgan, love em!

I'll have two Morgan's actually, one as above, and another dark green and frightfully classy.

Ok that's my menopause sorted.
Your turn, what'll you have Kim?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to perimenopause. It's a pain in the butt. LOL I have been in it for a few years now. It does all kinds of stuff to you so just get used to it is all the advice I can offer you.

Jan said...

Menopause ain't for sissies, that's for sure; and I don't think there's a man alive who could withstand all those horrible symptoms!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

dianne said...

don'tcha just LOVE hot flashes??!!?? i used to be cold all the time, but NOW i have power surges that could heat alaska ... if i can just figure out how to sell it to the power company...

Julie from Thimbleberries said...

First: to get rid of skunk smell combine box of baking soda, lots of dish soap and a bottle of hydrogen perioxide. Really works!

Second: when I thought I had symptoms, my doctor (who is really a nice guy and didn't mean to make me cry later) told me I wasn't old enough (not true I think) and that I just had to lose weight (probably true). Is there any disease that can't be cured by losing weight????? (sigh)

I did wait until I got in the car to have a good cry.


Lorraine said...

hang in there GF! ...and stay off the self dianosing internet sites!! LOL.....I agree with Julie everything can (supposedly) be cured by losing weight! But skinny people get menopause symptoms too....I am lucky just have the "short tropical holidays" and some issues with sleeping sometimes but don't have massive mood swings or anything....although the Prince may disagree..LOL btw...he reads your blog most days and will often come downstairs and say....did you see what Kim is doing.....LOL...he thinks you are hilarious!!