Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Much Quilting Going On Here . . .

Usually weekends are the time I really get a lot accomplished, quilting-wise. But not this weekend!

Friday night? I cleaned house.

Saturday morning? I finished cleaning house. (It takes a long time when you haven't done it for a couple weeks--which you've totally been able to justify by telling yourself the first week (1) you have a class you're teaching that you have to get ready for and then the second week (2) that you just taught a class and are too tired to clean and deserve to play instead.) Then after the house was clean, I stopped in at Bearpaws & Hollyhocks to drop something off for Pam and chat with Lindy. No time to shop though--bummer!

Saturday afternoon? Nope! I attended a lovely memorial service for a former coworker--the service took place in the park-like backyard of a residence on the river. The memorial included margaritas and Mexican food, because those were a couple of her favorite things. A nice time all around. Then there was Soccer Son's indoor soccer game. (Yay Scorpions, even if you guys didn't win!) Then there was Michael's. (I have a 4th of July crafty project floating around in my head.) Then the grocery store.

Saturday night? Ha! Finally! I actually DID do a little quilting! After I made THESE yummy corn fritters and BBQ'd chicken. But I didn't have NEARLY enough time to really get very much quilting done.

I'm currently working on the borders for the Halloween version of the Fireworks! quilt. I'd really, REALLY like to get those done before the weekend's over. But . . . Sunday morning? We're going to the monthly antique fair. And then there's still that 4th of July crafty project floating around in my head. And embroidery class on Tuesday, and I haven't gotten very much done to show there either. Why do weekends go by so fast and work weeks go by so slow?


Cyn ;-) said...

Well, Kim... it looks like I'm not the only one buring the midnight oil tonight! lol
Love your blog. It sure is a fun read.

Orcsmom said...

Thanks again for stopping by, I sure do appreciate it. No picture of the chicken and corn fritters? Dang! Have a great Sunday!


kcenya1950 said...

Kim I have to say I loved the pic of you at your class. And the accessories. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog on your blog. I read your blog on a reader at work because blogspot is blocked so I couldn't thank you until today. It was a Thrill with a capital T. I love keeping up with what you are up to!

Gran said...

Hey Quilter Girl
Embroidery class is not until the 22nd - relax and enjoy your projects and what eve is wondering around in your head.

I like your reasoning on the housework front. I like that week before a class and one week after class - no housework.

I am sorry for your loss of a co-worker. The backyard mexican food/drinks sounds like a nice way to send her off.