Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey Ghoul Friend

I wasn't feeling well today, so I stayed home from work. I puttered around in the Sweat Shop a little, napped a little, and read a little. I've been reading this book, which was loaned to me by a friend:

Nice, light, entertaining reading so far.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) is the second to the last meeting of my Hey Ghoul Friend class--our last meeting will be in July, which should give us all time to get our quilts QUILTED before Halloween. Progress so far? Well, here's mine:

Well, yes, it probably doesn't LOOK like a lot's been done since we've already had five classes, but really, the borders are the most time consuming part of this quilt. We made all the border blocks in the first four classes and then I showed everyone how to set the blocks "tilted" during last month's class. Because we're making our quilts a little different from the pattern, I got my borders out today so I could write up directions on how to calculate the size of the center panel and inner borders.

Okay, okay, I'm sure it SOUNDS like we're doing things differently, to say the least! Who ever heard of starting with the outside and working in? Seems backward, doesn't it? Well, in my defense, I hope that showing everyone my crazy method will help them think outside the box in future quilt projects.

But just in case they're not amused, I always make sure to bring special treats. And really, I rarely show you what I bring them because I don't want to ruin the surprise for any of the gals who read my blog, but tonight I'll make an exception. Each month, I bring little trinkets (candy, little pumpkins, Halloween tattoos, fat quarters, etc.) and often I'll include trim for their finished project, because this quilt is nicely embellished after quilting. Here's the packet I'll give them tomorrow (there's even a little "jewel" near the bottom of the bag to use as an earring or ring for the witch):

And while I'm thinking about it, can I just mention how much I love my Photoshop program? Sometime back, I purchased Photoshop Elements 5.0, and it really cleans up my photos nicely so they actually look like I take decent pictures. Maybe you wondered why my photography skills have improved over the last six months? Here's what that photo above looked like before I Photoshopped it:

Can you see how much darker it was? If you don't already have a Photoshop program--or other program to clean up your photos--Elements is a great option for doing what you need to do without spending a small fortune!

Well, I still have one more thing to do for class--I always bring some kind of snack or treat for us to eat, and I need to make that before I go to bed. Thanks for stopping in to visit!


Yvonne said...

Your borders look great.....hope you're feeling better.

Amanda said...

I hope you're feeling better.

Your classes always sound like so much fun. I'm teaching a class on Thursday. It's the big one I was telling you about that has 29 people signed up! I've spent most of my day getting my "lesson plan" together and getting my step by step samples made. I've known for a long time why nationally known teachers charge and arm and a leg and why they limit class size to 20. Teaching classes is a lot of work, but it's rewarding, too.

Greenmare said...

ooooo what kind of yummy thing are you making? carmel apples? pumpkin cookies? sure wish us online girlies could join you!

Gran said...

Good post - tilted, a little different then the pattern, starting from the outside, and lots more. That is what I learn from you and oh, thinking outside of the box and photo improvement.
Like it, like it, like it! Good Class!