Friday, June 12, 2009

For the Love of Oz

I'm madly in love with Australian designs and designers! I think the first time I truly felt my quilter's heart stirring with Oz love was when I saw Lynette Anderson's Friends for Christmas quilt.

I've had the book for years now--I think it's from 1992--and I still haven't made the quilt but it's right up there on my list of quilts I REALLY want to make!

Then there's this one on the cover--quilting and stitchery. Be still my heart.

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself a little. Somewhere along my quilting path, I started picking up the occasional Australian quilt magazine. The designs were just different enough from what we were doing here in the U.S. to make them very interesting to me. And somewhere else along the way--and not too long ago--I discovered Australian Homespun was my VERY FAVORITE Australian quilt magazine--because it has so much more than quilts, and we don't have anything here in the U.S. to compare. So, sometime around last summer, Granny Loz and I did a magazine swap--she sent me the three magazines containing the blocks for the Christmas quilt on the cover of that magazine above, and I sent her Fons and Porter magazines--I think I got the better end of the bargain!

I don't recall when I discovered Bronwyn Hayes and Red Brolly, but I think it might have been through blog reading awhile back. Maybe Darlene. She always has good stuff. So I've tracked down a couple Bronwyn Hayes books. This is one that I had out recently to drool and dream over.

And I came upon another new block-of-the-month type project in this magazine not long ago:

This is another stitchery quilt with blocks designed by many of the well-known Australian designers--it's called The Breast of Friends and was designed as a breast cancer benefit quilt. If you click on the photo, you may be able to see some of the designers.

Gran and I are sharing in the expense for the magazines for this project, because here in the U.S., these magazines can cost a pretty penny, particularly after you take into account shipping costs. I bought the first two and she's buying the next two. Then it will be my turn again. Several of us have asked Lindy at Bearpaws & Hollyhocks to see about getting the magazines in the shop, and I think that's in the works. Since we have a rather large group of embroiderers now, thanks to Gran's embroidery class, as well as quilters, I don't think Gran and I will be the only customers looking to purchase the magazines!

And my latest "find"? I was browsing around Etsy the other day, looking at shops other than my own, and I came across AussieSewingSavvy. Linda, the Etsy shop owner, had a brick-and-mortar shop and is relocating, so she's selling much of her stock. Her prices are really reasonable--a bargain, really!--and shipping's pretty inexpensive and quick. I ordered these three patterns about a week ago, and they arrived today.

Aren't they cute? I SERIOUSLY want a quilt with black cats wearing bathing suits--really! I think I'll need to start that one soon. Of course, I think I need to start ALL of these projects soon! I guess I'd better get off the computer and go do something quilty! Thanks for stopping by!


ranette said...

I also love the Australian magazines and designers. I'm more into the patchwork aspect, but don't you think the Aussie's have a unique way of putting colors and patterns together?

A lot of my favorite blogs are wonderful Australian quilters blogs and they inspire me!

Rhonda said...

Good morning Kim!!!! Your post is right on. I too, love the Australian quilting mags. They are jammed pack with quilting ideas, projects and illustrations. They are a bit more expensive but, I think, worth it.
Thanks for sharing your mags and patterns!!!
Have a great weekend.

Terry said...

I'm with you Kim! I love everything Australian when it comes to stitcheries and quilts and patterns! I have three issues of Homespun and would love to have more. But like you said...the cost is a bit much here. So I just try to put it all out of my head and work with what's in front of me for now! :0)

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

I also love all the embroidery from across the pond! Very beautiful work and designs. I have been contemplating sending off for Australian Homespun subscription for a long time :o) I should just do it!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Australians! Have you been to the Material Obsession blog? Oh my goodness! Takes forever to load on my dial-up service, but well worth the wait for all the beautiful pictures they share!

Jean C. said...

Hello, I stopped by from Nancy No Blogs Blog... anyway since you enjoy Lynette Andersons Designs so much I wondered if you had her blog site address? If not here it is! She has some great give free patterns once in a while that you might love to have... last year there was a Block of the Month pattern of a Noah's Ark... it was great! I don't have mine even started yet! But here is the address if your interested!

yellowfarmhouse said...

I love those Australian magazines and pick them up when I stumble across them here and there. I checked into a subscription - GULP - I just couldn't justify it. So I always check Barnes - Nobel when in Fargo and buy them when I can.

Hugs - karen

Darlene said...

Wow a mention on your blog - I'm in high cotton! :-) I am crazy about AU designs - having first discovered Bronwyn Hayes and then Leanne Beasley. You've seen many on my blog along the way and many more to come - mostly embroidery type designs. Enjoy!

Gran said...

Ah, just had my Kim fix and I can head off to bed. Love your sharing and the pictures are great. Beach Kitties is so cute. I see embroidery everywhere...
And I smile - especially with friends like you.

Nan said...

Hullo dere, Kim! I'm spending quality time with your blog, trying to catch up with all the doin's. I love the Aussie designers, but didn't know a couple of the names you mention, and I am definitely saving that Etsy link! Thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

Hi all - please note that if you are interested in creating Bronwyn Hayes' Wish Quilt which was featured in Australian Homespun Vol 9 No 7, Vol 9 No 8 and Vol 9 No 9, there were some errors in the instructions. We have made the details available on our website for download and this is available at

If you are interested in purchasing Homespun subscriptions or back issues of Homespun, we do have distributors based in the US, UK and NZ. For the US, please contact Stonehouse Publications on 1800 461 1640 or log on to For the UK/Europe, please contact The Cotton Patch on 121 702 2840 or email or Manor House Magazines on 157 251 4288 or email For New Zealand readers, please contact Needlecraft on 6 356 4792 or log on to

Thank you to many of you who made such wonderful comments about Homespun. It is a delight to feature a variety of inspiring projects and such creative designers in the magazine. I look forward to continuing to delight many crafters the world over for many issues to come.


Catherine Sanchez