Monday, June 29, 2009

Death of an Icon

It was another extremely HOT, HOT day here in Sac Town--in fact, the TV news reported tonight that our little part of town got up to 112 degrees. I think there are parts of me that will stay damp now until October, and then I'll probably discover I'm growing fungus or mold or something. I'm very grateful for the air conditioning, but even the air conditioning couldn't keep up with the heat, and this will be the second night in a row that we'll sleep with the windows closed and the air conditioning on--I really hate it when it gets like this!

I DID, in fact, make it to the grocery store and home again this morning before the temperatures got past 90 degrees, so that's one chore that's done for now. The rest of the day, I stayed indoors and, for the most part, "played" in the Sweat Shop.

Remember I mentioned that I was making a 4th of July crafty thing? Here it is:

A little patriotic fabric star "floral" bouquet.

Then I spent the rest of the day working on this month's Jo's Little Women Club project--I added an extra strip of stars to make it a little wider than the pattern.

It's quilted, but it still needs a binding.

Hubby was deeply saddened today when the USA men's soccer team lost to Brazil in the final game of the Confederations Cup, although USA did pretty well, losing by only one goal with a score of 3 to 2.

In other news, Pabst, a boxer mix owned by a local man, won the World's Ugliest Dog contest.

A face, I think, that only a mother could love.

Finally, there's the subject of my post title. Did you think I was going to talk about Michael? Farrah? Ed? Nope! If you haven't already heard, TV pitchman Billy Mays died.

This seems to have been the week for odd deaths, and Billy's is no exception. This morning, his wife found him unresponsive and a fire rescue crew pronounced him dead. It's unknown right now what caused his death, but he had been on a plane on Saturday that had a rough landing when a tire or tires blew out, and he was struck on the head. He claimed he was alright, but then he wasn't feeling well later in the evening.

You know what this means? Vince, the Sham WOW guy, will probably be getting a lot more work. And those hot temperatures we're having? Maybe this IS aitch-E-double L!


ranette said...

Your 4th of July "bouquet" is so cute and of course I love the Jo Morton quilt...need to get mine made! Good job!

Yvonne said...

You're the first person I thought of when I saw that he died....

Love your bouquet and quilt. :)

Cynthia said...

This is horrible to say, but the first thing I thought of when I saw that Billy Mays died was your post about "Did you get that camera guy?" LOL We are going to surely be getting more of that nonsense! ROFL

Anonymous said...

This maybe rude but I have to say that when I heard he died I thought "finally those awful commercials will be gone forever"! Sad for his family but a blessing for those of us who had to endure those awful LOUD commercials!

debijeanm said...

Your July 4 bouquet is adorable, of course. You're the most creative woman in my blogosphere!

My husband tripped over the dog a few weeks ago and landed on his head. We took him to the hospital where he was pronounced with a concussion but no other problems. After the Natasha Richardson ski accident death, nobody should take head injuries lightly. I won't be surprised if it turns out Mays had something very similar to Richardson (the symptoms sound the same).

Eileen said...

OKI Kim a question? Are those stars in the Jo's quilt pieced or appliqued. They certainl;y don't look pieced. cute quilt. Also the 4th bouquet. You are so clever.

Laura said...

It's so sad that he died! I loved the OxyClean commericials. I hope your weather cools off soon!

Kim said...

Oh wow.. Yvonne I did the same thing.. thought of Kim as soon as I heard the news....

Love your Jo Morton quilt Kim!!!

kcenya1950 said...

That is funny, that's exactly what I thought too. Somehow Kim and Billy Mays are inextricably entwined forever! The stars are really cute. I have that red fabric in your quilt and just love it. Love what you did with it too.

Phyllis said...

Love your star bouquet.

And yes, I was shocked to see that Billy Mays died as well!

Gran said...

Maybe this IS aitch-E-double L!

Well, I do not know where I have been all my life (well yes, I do) but I have never heard it put that way - aitch-E-double L!

Lovely quilt and bouquet. Sorry to hear the USA lost.
Bill is in a better place and onward to Tuesday.