Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Blog Post About Blogs!

In quilt class the other day, some of us started talking about some of the blogs we enjoy, and Gran mentioned that I don't have a list of blogs I read on MY blog. Nope, she's right! I read a lot of blogs; some more often than others depending on how often the blogger posts and the anticipated blog content. Then, too, I'm always adding new blogs and (OH NO!) deleting old blogs that for one reason or another, I don't visit much anymore. So keeping a blog list in my sidebar would just give me yet another thing to fall behind in. I'm not very good at keeping up. Kind of like my reading list, which is a hit and miss endeavor and is usually at least a couple books behind!

As we got to talking in class, though, we all agreed we enjoy reading Nancy's blog, Blogging, Near Philadelphia. Nancy often gives us something to think about, like her recent post about a commentor taking her to task about what she'd written in a prior post. Nancy handled the criticism with her usual style and grace and turned it into a thoughtful discussion about the economy, spending money, and blogging about spending money, among other things. A very interesting post that made us evaluate our own views.

I mentioned to Gran that I enjoyed reading two blogs in particular because the bloggers have wonderful senses of humor and a fine ability to write about things that happen in their lives in entertaining ways. A Month of Sundays, written by Dianne-of-the-Pink-Flamingo-Slippers is one of those blogs. When you get a chance, click over there and read her post on Cake Decorating 101, among others. She often cracks me up!

The other entertaining blog I wanted to mention is G'Owens On Around Here, written by Dawn (previously titled Our Adventures in Korea). Only Dawn could write about a family funeral and make me laugh--even if I did feel a little guilty about laughing at a funeral post. (Read Ahhhh it was the Irish in Me.)

I think it would just be a TON of fun to spend a day with Dawn and Dianne!

What are YOUR favorite blogs--the ones that might be less well known? I've been thinking lately that there are a lot of new bloggers in Blogland well worth reading, so I thought we might share. Please leave a comment if you have any to recommend to the rest of us!

And, while I blush to refer you to a blog post largely about ME, I thought if you weren't too tired of hearing about Saturday's class and wanted to see a photo of me, you might click on over and visit Gran, who has posted a nice photo collage of the class and the quilt shop, Bearpaws & Hollyhocks.

Thanks for stopping by to visit!


Gran said...

Thanks for the ideas from bloglands best - you.

Heading to bed - early I know.

MichelleB said...

A photo of you! That was too funny. Yes, I'd recognize that top knot anywhere!

dianne said...

well now ... first, let me say that when i read Gran's post last night, my first thought was that the picture of you could be the second in your series of nude self-portraits ... and b) when i checked my blog just now, i couldn't figure out why the feedgit was crazy and decided that it must be wrong because i don't get many visitors - but all of the readers were coming from YOUR url (the last time that happened i WON the book) ... and then i stopped in for my vitamin K and - lo and behold - i read this post! thank you EVER so much for the kind words - AND for the link to Dawn's blog (which i've bookmarked and will probably spend days reading backposts) ...... i thank you and my slippers thank you, too!

Rhonda said...

Hi Kim. I have a sidebar with loads of blogs that I love to visit...yours included. I don't always leave a comment but I do read the often. I agree that there are so many great ones and lots of new bloggers who need an encouraging word. I like different blogs for all kinds of reasons such as....informational, funny, tutorials, design ideas, the way someone's blog looks, etc. Your blog is jammed packed with into and tutorials....Take care.