Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Miscellaneous Bag of Banter

I have various bits and pieces of stuff I wanted to mention, none of which makes a very cohesive blog subject, but here it is anyway.

It's been REALLY HOT here the last several days--our Delta breeze finally blew in this evening, and it's much nicer now. But on Friday, when I got off work and started thinking about what I was going to cook over the weekend, stuff like BBQ, corn on the cobb, and guacamole came to mind, so I stopped in at Trader Joe's and loaded up a shopping cart with yummy summer food. Don't you just love the foods available this time of the year? It almost makes up for the horrible heat! Well, almost. Anyway, blackberries are readily available, so I stocked up and baked blackberry cobbler on Saturday.

I just had to take a photo of the "before" cobbler--look at those HUGE, luscious blackberries!

With the heat being what it was--over 100 degrees both days--I pretty much stayed inside our air conditioned house and did quilty and crafty stuff. Nothing much to show you just yet, but hopefully I'll have a couple photos soon. Well, you DID see the Jo's quilt top--that took up a good chunk of the weekend.

Remember the Christmas quilt top I found at Goodwill last week? Well, having no Greased Lightening on hand, I tried the hairspray suggestion--I think it may have been Nancy who mentioned that one--and it took out the ink quite nicely! Now I just have to find time to quilt it someday!

Yesterday's "Entertainment" topic elicited a lot of comments. Thank you all for the good book suggestions! If you're looking for a good book to read, take a look at the comments--there are quite a few listed there. I was chatting with Gran tonight after the embroidery class she teaches and she mentioned she'd just put in an order at the library for the Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon. I'm sure those of you who have read the books so far will agree that it's one of the best series of books you've read! She has a real treat to look forward to!

Soccer Son and I were briefly discussing reality "game" shows the other day and he told me he knows a woman who does casting for Amazing Race. Like Survivor JT's mom, I think my son would win if he was on one of those shows, but then I suspect most of us moms think our kids are just about irresistible! Still, it would be awfully nice if he won $1 million and decided to pay his dear old mom back for everything she's ever done for him, wouldn't it?

About blogging, Cyn left a comment asking about moving margins in the blog layout. Well, I've done it before, and to do it, I found a website with directions to change my blog to a three column blog. I wouldn't say it was HARD, exactly, but I sure worried about making changes I wasn't happy with. And yes, they tell you to save your "old" blog code so you can restore it, but I still worried. I checked to see if I'd saved that site in my favorites, and I didn't find it. Do any of you know where to point Cyn if she wants to make changes?

Someone also emailed me to ask about backgrounds. I get mine from Cutest Blog on the Block--they have a bunch of free backgrounds. To add a background to my blog in Blogger, I go into "Layout" and then I click to add a gadget at the very bottom of the layout. I select HTML/Java Script for the gadget type and then I copy the code to the gadget from the background I've selected. If you'd like to check out the free backgrounds available, click HERE.

Well, I think that pretty much covers all the little thoughts floating around in my brain tonight. Happy to see you stop by, but it's my bedtime now. Goodnight bloggers!


Sheila said...

I think it was probably
Patti (http://tinyurl.com/qt4olw) or
Lucy (http://tinyurl.com/paflcl). (Thank you Google Reader!)

Nancy said...

So glad the ink came out..you can send me a huge piece of that cobbler as a thankyou!!! LOL

Prairie Primitives said...

Wasn't that Delta Breeze wonderful??? It was so hot and stuffy in my apartment, so I sat outside to sew some buttons on the cherry bitty bags. I think I'll list a couple on Etsy this afternoon! http://prairieprimitives.etsy.com

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