Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feels Like Christmas

Do you remember when I made 394 applesauce cakes at Christmas time? No? What do you mean it wasn't 394 cakes? It was only about 18? Well, it sure seemed like 394! Anyway, we're back at it. Hubby actually did the baking tonight and assembled a few other food gifts in a basket.

While he did that, I was busy with something else.

This weekend, we'll be getting together with my brother and his wife, and visiting with my mom--who, by the way, is still in a nursing home following her hip surgery, but my brother's going to spring her from the home for a few hours for a little quality family time.

Why the Christmas preparations? Well, for the last two Christmases, my brother and I have been trying to get together, but something always intervenes and it hasn't worked out. And I've had gifts for his family--or partly completed gifts--that never were given. Now they're ready--or nearly so! And my grandmother's applesauce cake? His favorite! And, if you'll recall, we thought the recipe was lost forever until some reseach and tinkering brought it back to life--and won't HE be surprised?!

So, arrangements have been made to have someone stay at our house and take care of Spike while we're gone, although we won't be gone long--just overnight. What little packing we'll do will be done in the morning before we leave. Maps have been printed, and quilt shops along the route have been researched--just in case. After all, everyone needs to stop now and then and stretch their legs-- what better place to stop than at a quilt shop?

Oh, and do you know what else makes it feel like Christmas? The weather where my brother lives! Here in Sacramento, the temperatures will be in the high 80's; there, we'll be lucky to get into the mid 60's. We've had some pretty warm temperatures over the last few weeks, so this will be a nice little break!

So we're off to celebrate Christmas in May, and we'll still be back home again in plenty of time to celebrate the rest of the Memorial Day weekend with a couple barbecues in the backyard. I hope you have some fun planned for your weekend!


Eileen said...

Have a good trip, Kim, glad you aren't leaving Spike all alone. He might tear the house apart. Drive safe.

Lorraine said...

have a safe trip and enjoy the time with your family.....I thought it was more than 18 cakes you made! LOL

Nadine said...

Merry Christmas! The cake looks yummy....will you ever share the recipe? Have a safe trip!

debijeanm said...

If you ever travel to northern Utah along the 15 or go east on the 80 as far as Lincoln, Nebraska let me know. My mom and I have been using quilt shops as rest stops for years and know some good ones!

Judy said...

Have a great time!

Gran said...

394 that is a good all around number.

The quilt is beautiful. So much thought and so much love. Well Done.

I hope your guardian angel travels with you.

Happy Trails

Chris in Sacramento said...

Merry May Christmas. I talked to my brother yesterday. He said they were expecting 90 degree weather in Watsonville, then the fog came in and it didn't go above 54 degrees! I'll take the heat anyday!

Greenmare said...

well have fun you crazy mixed up holiday woman you!!

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas, Kim! I hope you have a great time with your family.

Chocolate Cat said...

Hope you had a lovely visit with family, that cake looks yummy!