Friday, April 24, 2009

Thrifty Goodness

As my lunch hour approached today, I was feeling a bit at loose ends and not sure what I felt like doing. I didn't feel like hanging around the office, but I didn't really need to run any errands either. So, somewhat half-heartedly, I decided to drive over to one of the nearby thrift shops and see what they might have.

It's funny how sometimes you go not expecting to find much and end up bringing home quite a lot! What did I get? Well, remember I'm trying to set up an office in my son's former bedroom? I won't show you a photo because it's kind of boring, but I found a metal paper tray with four shelves. Hubby will probably spray paint it tomorrow--I'm not fond of that utilitarian gray color they use, so we'll paint it a neutral off-white. I also found this decoratively painted metal "bucket" that fits perfectly on one of the shelves in there.

I'm not sure what we'll keep in it, but it's much larger than it looks in the photo and I'm always on the lookout for decorative storage solutions. No, I didn't bring any wool clothing home from the thrift store this time--Hubby's still working on taking the last blazer apart from my last wool-buying spree, and I figured if I came in the door carrying more wool blazers, he'd probably feel justified in trying to stab me to death with the seam ripper. Instead, I came home with these.

A serving dish for autumn meals, including Thanksgiving. I have some other amber colored glass I like to use, and this will fit in well. Also, a medium/small clear glass serving bowl--with just me and Hubby to feed, we don't NEED large serving bowls anymore, and I've realized lately that I don't have anything small but decorative.

A crocheted bureau runner and a small cream and sugar set in blue spongeware. I'm planning to use these at my Hat Party quilt class in May.

And the coolest stuff I found? Three ecru crocheted antimacassars, just like grandma used to make! (Actually grandma never made them, but she always seemed to have plenty around on the chairs!) I'm just a sucker for handmade crocheted "pretties"! I know you can't see them very well, but maybe clicking to enlarge the photo will help.

And, did you notice the teapot? I already have one like this, so now I'll have a matching pair. I've actually come across a couple more over the last year or so--I bought one and had a giveaway on my blog, and then I saw two more in the same thrift store at the same time, but both had some serious condition issues. The two put together would have made a nice "whole" teapot, but I didn't want to spend that much money, so I passed them by. This one has some crazing in the glaze, inside and out, so it's not quite as nice as the one I've had for awhile, but crazing's pretty common on older glazed pottery, and there are no actual chips or cracks, so I'm happy enough (especially with the $4.99 price tag!).

And last but not least, another blue/green Ball jar to add to my ever-growing collection! Sometimes I run across a couple of these at a time, and then I might go months before I find another, but whenever I find them, as long as they're in good condition, they end up coming home with me.

Have you visited a thrift store lately? Next time you have a little time and aren't sure what you feel like doing, head to the thrift store--you might be pleasantly surprised!


Bronwyn said...

Love a good thrift shop. I am in Australia, we call them "Op Shops" short for opportunity shop. When I was in the U.S. last year my friend and I visited some thrift shops. We both managed to find a Ball jar. You should have seen our excitement. I am sure the lady in the shop thought we were mad.Ball jars just don't exist here!!

Sandy said...

Love the sugar and creamer set. How great your lunch hour turned out to be so rewarding.

ranette said...

Well I need to go with you because I never find any goodies when I go.

Maybe it's because I live in a fairly small college town...

Carol said...

I can tell you for sure that our thrift stores don't have great stuff like yours does. We've looked and never find anything. You must have a long lunch time or perhaps your a fast shopper. Thanks for showing us your thrift finds.

MichelleB said...

I need to go to a thrift store, all right - to drop stuff off! Seriously, though. You do find great stuff, and the stuff I'll be dropping off isn't all that great.

Judy said...

Well NO to answer your question! Haven't gone recently..but maybe a looky would do me well.

GREAT stuff you found today. DO you actually eat lunch too?

Candace said...

Thanks to you Kim, we're going thrifting for the first time this weekend - yay!

Annette said...

I have to be in the mood for thrift shopping, but it is fun and you can pick up some good things.
Noticed you have just read a Nora Roberts book, she is one of my favourites authors!

Gran said...

Way to go! Great finds. Good Eye!
Wishing you a great weekend in the Sweat Shop!