Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Star is Born

I think I've mentioned that the Wild Child is in a band, right? I thought I'd share a few photos she's sent and tell you a little bit about it. Here's the band--The Over the Garage Band. The Wild Child is the one leaning out the window the furthest. She's also the only girl. And the youngest. By a couple decades, I think.

Mostly they play old rock and roll songs. The Wild Child told us they play a few "newer" things by Sublime and Nirvana, but I'm thinking those must be getting pretty old too since some of those band members went to rock and roll heaven awhile back. Recently the band's begun writing some of their own songs. I mentioned one of them HERE--"Sweatin' Out The Alcohol." Hummmm. Well what do you expect from someone whose "day job" is bartending?

Their first real gig took place in a pizza parlor/bar. On that occasion, she received her first fan letter. It was written on a paper plate and said something like "Love your voice. Lose the band."

Their next gig, I think, was playing at a house party. It went pretty well, but I believe I recall her saying they had a little trouble with the electricity at that one. I think they blew the power out near the end and didn't get to finish their set.

The most recent gig was actually a paying one. Of course, she could have made more money working her regular bartending job, but still . . . . This gig was a rail jam. Know what that is? Here, I'll show you some photos and let her tell it in her words:

"Last week I had a show in Donner. It was a party and rail jam. If you didn't know, a rail jam is a competition between snowboarders or skiers (or both) to see who can pull off the best trick on a rail or obstacle. It was a really cool setting. We were set up on an outdoor stage in the snow. We faced the rail jam competition. So I was singing and watching guys pull flips and spins off these crazy jumps."

"There were a few minor obstacles to overcome though. We were setting up the equipment and about to do a sound check when the power went out on the whole block. PG&E said there were 200 homes in that area without power. Now, it's important to tell you that the power to the stage was this crazy rig where there was a large cable coming out of the fuse box on the second story deck of the house nearby. This large cable then ran to the stage at least 300 ft away. So when the power went out the guy running the event was worried they would get in trouble for the strange set up and disconnected it. The power finally came on at about 6:20 pm but it took us another 20 minutes to wake up the guy who did the power set up from his drug and alcohol induced slumber. Finally with only about an hour of light, and thus warmth, left, we performed as snowboarders hucked themselves off jumps, rails, and log rides, and the crowd built a bonfire."

So here's my girl, singing her heart out.

Hey! Is anyone paying attention?!

I wonder what proper etiquette is at one of these things if someone wipes out really bad and breaks stuff? Does the band keep playing?

If any record producers happen to be reading this, give that girl a contract, okay? I'm expecting my kids to support me when I retire, and she's going to need a lot of money to keep me supplied with fabric!


Teresa said...

Maybe she should tryout for American Idol - wouldn't that be cool if she made the cut!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

So dedicated to music! Those were the days.
Like the new spring look on your page.

Judy said...

Very neat, as I'm way too old to know about any of this cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

She sings and her mom can't even remember to breath in front of an audience?

quiltmom said...

Hope she is having lots of fun singing -
Nice new backdrop Kim- You do find the ways to make things look pretty and festive- whatever the occasion.

Amy R said...

How cool your daughter is following her dream! Yeah! And, bonus time cause she has a cool supportive Mom! Thanks for sharing the pics and the story! Amy

Rhonda said...

Your daughter should go for it and try out somewhere on-stage. I'm sure she'd be a winner.
Take care.

Gayle said...

Hey! I grew up in Truckee which is right near Donner Lake. That was back in the days before snowboarding though! Looks like they had fun.

Your oldest and best Bro in law!! said...

Tell her she has to earn big so that she can support her parents in the style they want to become accustom to. At least that is what I have told my kids, (your neice and nephew)

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh dear, I could easily see our kids getting along easily!! My son owns and plays a double base pedal PEARL drum set...that is down in the basement. We get to experience an earthquake daily here in NC! But on...and laughed....he wants to own his own bar someday with an apartment above it. Yepper...I'm thinking the cover looks like him!