Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life's Little Pleasures

Besides quilting, I think two of life's little pleasures are eating and reading, and my recent giveaway combines both of those into one--Jennifer Chiaverini's cookbook and story The Quilter's Kitchen. And, of course, it's time to announce the winner.

As Hubby was drifting off to sleep tonight, I asked him to pick a number, and he picked Dianne of A Month of Sundays. Here's a photo of Dianne, by the way. You can't help but love a woman who wears pink flamingo slippers!

Congratulations, Dianne! Please email me your mailing address and as soon as I can remember where I put the book, I'll get it in the mail to you! (The house isn't that big, so I should be able to find it by Monday. Of course, I put it in a safe place where I wouldn't lose it!)

Quite a few of you mentioned in your comments that you enjoy the Elm Creek Quilters series. Guess what? If you didn't already know it, there's a new book out! I started reading my copy last night, and I think it's time for another installment.

Thanks to all of you for entering the drawing and for taking time to visit me!


Eileen said...

You hadn't told me about the new book. Another one to put a hold on

Greenmare said...

no I didnt' know! I gotta get that book! darn, I didn't win, but at least someone with good taste in footwear did!

Judy said...

I used to read voraciously, then I discovered quilting and somehow lost reading all together! I always feel like sitting without handwork is wasting my time somehow. I can't read in bed, so I'm trying to read every night to get ready for bed...but I definitely need to make more time for it again!

dianne said...

my pink flamingo slippers really ARE lufferly, aren't they?

THANK YOU!!! and give your husband a big old sloppy wet ... high five and fist bump for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, since I didn't win, I had to order the book from Amazon. I ordered one for a friend for her birthday too, while I was at it. Thanks for making me spend money I don't have!

Chris in Sac